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Vintage Fantasy Gift Box with Heart Paper Craft (Creative World Tour: Stay Home)

"It doesn't matter how little a present costs - it's the thought that counts". Yes, this is so true. The receiver usually appreciates the time you put into making the present. Oftentimes, a unique and classic one is the perfect gift.

A gift box with a heart made by someone with a heart. If you’re looking for any ideas on how to make people feel like they matter, then this is one for you!

Because we are still on a break from our Creative World Tour, we are creating several Vintage Collection projects. You may want to check out our other paper craft projects if you want some inspiration.

How to Create a Vintage Fantasy Gift Box with a Heart

The tutorial is pretty easy and simple so I’m sure you can make this in just minutes (so you can make a lot of these). Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go. 

Also, you can click on the links below if you want to go to that minute on the tutorial video.

  • 00:40 Print Out the Template and the Paper
  • 00:47 Cut Out the Template
  • 02:21 Score and Fold the Lines
  • 03:37 Attach the Parts Together
  • 05:38 Decorate the Gift Box


Just like our other Vintage Fantasy Paper Crafts Collection, you basically need the template and the Vintage Fantasy Paper to create this gift box.

Download your template and paper and let's get started!

Print Out the Template and the Paper

First thing you need to do is to print out your paper on one side and the template on the other side.

Cut Out the Template

Grab your scissors and start cutting out the template. Try to be as precise as possible so that when it’s all assembled, it fits and will look neat. Just cut along the solid lines.

Score and Fold the Lines

Now, get your bone folder, score the dashed lines. You may use your ruler to guide the bone folder as you score the paper so you will get a nice result, which is important so everything fits and you won’t have awkward bits of paper sticking out of place later on.

Then, fold the small flaps at the edges of each triangle. Do this with all the triangles.

Attach the Parts Together

Put adhesive tape on the bottom flaps of each triangle. It’s better if you use thinner adhesive tape to reduce all the fuss but you can still use bigger ones if you don’t have the smaller ones available. You just cut the tape in half vertically. You can also use glue but be careful not to smear glue on the gift box.

If you make a mistake on that part, you can try to peel the part off. Be careful so as to not rip the paper. If you're using glue, do it quickly before it dries.

Now, attach the bottom flaps to the square. Do this with all of the parts. Make sure to place them properly so that it will look neat and fit well.

When they are all in place, put adhesive tape on the side flaps of the triangles. Do not peel off the coating film yet.

Now grab something with a sharp tip. Be careful in this step so as to not hurt yourself. Punch holes near the top sides of the box. All except for the triangle with the heart.

Next, peel off the coating film of the tapes and press them all together as seen in the picture. Make sure they all align. Again, if you make a mistake, you can always try to peel it off and try again.

Of course, before you seal it all up, don't forget to put your gift or present inside the box.

Decorate the Gift Box

After you put the gift inside your gift box, grab some twine or yarn and insert it through one hole from the inside. Use your bone folder’s pointy side if you have one to push the yarn through the hole. Then insert it back in through another hole from the outside. Then, insert it through the last hole and it should be outside the box by now. 

Tie it all up with the part that has the heart by tying the twine or yarn at the base of the heart. Tie it in a bow if you want it to look pretty and you can also add a lavender or any flower. Then cut off the excess twine and stem of the flower.

You're done!

Your unique Vintage Fantasy Gift Box is created easily and quickly because you've got your template, isn't it?

You can use this box for a lot of things. Maybe a valentine gift as it has a heart, or just a normal present for your teacher, friends, or parents. Or you can use them in parties as giveaways (even prizes). All I have to say is that I hope you make the person who gets this smile.

Want more useful templates? Get the Vintage Fantasy Lantern eBook, Paper and Template for free!

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Creative World Tour Mexico: Donut Boxes

Planning a kids party? Because we are still in our Creative World Tour to Mexico, you should try a Mexican theme! If you choose to add some spice to your party, this tutorial will give you a great idea how to please your guests - fun donuts in a box you can serve to everyone. This is not just a Donut Box though - you can can also add Nachos!

If you lack some ideas, then maybe this tutorial can spark some creativity and you can come up with a theme. Plus, the printable used in this tutorial can be reprinted and used again for your other creative projects. 

How to Create Donut Boxes

Here's an easy tutorial for you with a fun and creative Mexican theme. You just have to follow along as I guide you step by step on how to ?Create Donut Boxes.

You can just click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.

  • 01:05 Print the Donut Box Template and the Stickers
  • 02:14 Cut Out the Donut Box Template 
  • 03:03 Fold the Donut Box Template
  • 03:54 Tape the Flaps of the Box
  • 04:23 Cut Out the Stickers
  • 6:06 Add Decorations to the Donut Box
  • 06:58 Create More Donut Boxes
  • 08:02 Enjoy your Donuts!


Aside from your scissors and glue, here's what you need to create Mexican themed Donut Boxes.

The ?Epson EcoTank 7750* is one of the best printers I ever had - especially since it can print in A3 in an amazing quality. I wrote a review here, in case you are interested.

Let's get started!

Print the Donut Box Template and the Stickers

We are creating a Mexican themed donut box so you have to print the Creative World Tour Mexico Donut Box Printable first. Print the templates on the coloured paper I've added to the PDF and the elements on another paper. Don't worry because instructions are included when you download them from our member's area.

You may want to save on ink expenses, try The best Scrapbooking Printer for 2020 for your scrapbooking and other paper crafts.

Cut Out the Donut Box Template

Grab your scissor and cut out the donut box template you've printed. If you’re doing this tutorial with your kids, assist them if necessary.

Fold the Donut Box Template

Once you're done cutting, fold the places with the dashed lines. It's better to fold them backwards and forwards because that will make it easier for you to handle later but it's up to you, of course.

Tape the Flaps of the Donut Box

Grab your adhesive tape and put pieces of tape on the little edges. Of course, you can choose to use your glue stick here instead, but I prefer a double-sided tape because it sticks much better on the edges.

Once you've done that, tape the whole thing together by attaching the little edges with the main parts to form a donut box.

These little edges will hold our donut box in place so we have to secure them properly.

Cut Out the Stickers

Now grab the other printout with the images of the cacti and alpaca and cut out the decorations you want for your donut box. Leave some white outline as you cut so it will look like a sticker. Or you can use. e.g. the ?Silhouette Cameo* and cut out the stickers precisely. 

Add Decorations to the Donut Box

Get your glue stick and glue the elements you chose onto the donut box. For the stickers, it's better to use the glue stick. You can add any sticker you want, but don't overdo it.

Create More Donut Boxes

You can create as many donut boxes as you want. Just print the template, backgrounds and stickers, and do the same as you did with your first donut box. Cut out the donut box templates, fold, and tape the flaps to the inside, then add some stickers.

Enjoy your Donuts!

Now, put the donuts in! And just like that, you're done and you can serve these to your guests, or yourself. Hopefully, you can now create a wonderful time for your kids by letting them have donut boxes in their party, or by creating these with them. And if this did spark some creativity in you, you can use this tutorial with that theme. I hope you enjoyed this part of our Creative Tour to Mexico.

The great thing about our printable is that you can reprint it again and use it for your other creative projects.

Want the Printable and instructions?

Join us in the Sunset Scrapper Club!

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