What if you could go to one place, log in and find all the things you need for your next crafting endeavors? What if any instruction, any digital paper and anything you needed to create something unique and make your home the most wonderful would be inside? What if you'd get more tutorials from time to time so you never run out of ideas what to create when you have a lazy Sunday without spending a fortune?

Sometimes we just have cabin fever. Especially during a time or after a time we had to spend more time at home than we ever imagined. Then we know we just need to change something or we go crazy. If you don't want to drive to the next store and get all you find to improve your home you better make something yourself with no more than your printer, a scissor and some glue most times.

Monja here, I'm the head behind Digidesignresort for over a decade now and personally I love to craft and decorate my home - especially during a time where I have to spend so much time in my home office that I sometimes feel like I stifle!
So I remembered how things were when I was younger and had my first home. I remember well that some days my boyfriend of those days (and today's husband so it didn't scare him off) came home and found me sitting behind the wardrobe in our bedroom - I couldn't get out anymore because I was so exhausted from moving it from one corner of the room to the other that it was just not possible. Or he came home and we slept the following night in another corner or even room of our home - just because I wanted to make our home more "our home" 😉

That was pretty common for me. I love decorating, crafting, painting and bringing everything together to make everything  feel like "a home" - with not much but a few decorations and a bit of color.
I did the same to my bedroom when I was a teenager and living downstairs in a pretty large room at my grandparent's house. And I remember well that my grandpa complained each time he had to put the shelf from one corner of the room to another. But he did and I felt that my room was much more a "home" again, a place where I could go and hide under the blanket if I had to.
During my studies in art at the University I learned quickly that, with a bit of color, you can do so much - give a room, a picture, a whatever a totally new look and feel. And that's why I created the Vintage Fantasy Collection.
It's a collection full of beautiful papers, elements and tutorials you can use to make beautiful things like lanterns, storage boxes or some stationary to brush up the look and feel of your desktop or, in general, your home.
My goal was to have a place I could quickly access, download what I need (not just the papers but also the templates), print them and start crafting without buying tons of material. Basically I wanted a place where I could go to when I was in "make over" mood and just start creating something new.

Having a creative Outlet

Looking back today at those days and even at the past months I know that having a creative outlet aka just doing some crafting is like a therapy for me. I need it as a break from the busy world outside, I need it to connect with myself again and to find out where I belong to.
So sometimes, breaking out and just "creating" something is essential to feel grounded again. Doing that in a community where I can share what I created makes it even more valuable. Hey, my husband still doesn't understand why a few lanterns and candles can make all the difference when you sit on the sofa with a tea and a good book! Or why, when you don't have them handy, you need to jump off the sofa and get them done.
While he smiles at me when I have to start crafting I'm sure he likes it when I'm done and so will your family members. 

Inside the Vintage Fantasy Collection Class you'll find...

  • 12 Vintage digital Paper Packs
  • Vintage Elements such as frames, books, tickets, postcards - you name it, it's most probably there!
  • Tutorials (PDFs to download and Videos) which show you step by step to create what you want to brush up your home with!
  • Templates for your creative Projects - you just print them on one site of your chosen paper project and you have a fool-proof creation to make your next big home improvement!
  • ... more of all that with time (I add something new whenever I discover a you-have-to-create-project.

Having all that just a fingertip away with knowing that you do not need tons of additional material to start your next project is priceless!

You no longer need to buy all these home decoration magazines because you now have one place where you get ideas and start your journey!

The Best is yet to come...

You have lifetime access to the entire class and everything added in future. Every update will be yours, every new project and every template is waiting for you but of course you can also download all these things and store them on your computer.
The lifetime access guarantee will definitely give you peace of mind! You won't miss anything even if you don't have time for your creative therapy a few months in a row because, let's admit, life comes in between...


Imagine how it feels for you when you know that you have to give your home a makeover, when you have to get some creative stuff done and you can just go to the Vintage Fantasy Collection Class and know that there will be a project for you to do - to make your home yours again from someone who uses the materials added herself and who has placed them in her home (me!) 😉

Crafting is not just good for You (but also your Family...)

If you are a creative person you know that you need a creative outlet. It's like breathing fresh air, you sometimes have to get on it. Having all this already handy will allow you to save lots of frustration and money.
Instead of running around and complaining about everything that is not nice in your home you can just start to improve it - go to your class area, grab what you need and most probaby have at home and start!
Imagine how much time and money it will save you (no need to go to the next store and start buying stuff you won't use anyway!).
Beside time and money it will also give your family peace of mind. They know when you are in crafting mood they better not get in your way but enjoy what you've created later.

This Class is for you...

...if you "not only" need a place where you find all templates and graphics you need to start right away but a place for inspiration and like-minded people who know how important a makeover is. You will also know, if you need help, that there is someone who understands, holds your hand and gives you advice from the bottom of her heart (me!).

And since I know that making something nice for your home is not the one and only thing you need to do in your life and you need to pay for - you'll get it for a super affordable one-time-payment.

Wait! There is more...

Bonus #1: 

Since this site is also for Traditional and Digital Scrapbooking I of course have that in mind. Sure you cannot just use all the papers and elements for crafts but also for your scrapbooks - because they come in 300 dpi printing quality! Print the papers you need and put together all the elements you want to use in your next project (maybe even cut them with your Silhouette or Circuit!) in traditional scrapbooking or do your scrapbooks digitally - no matter what you choose, the Vintage Fantasy Collection Class also has all you need in the quality you deserve!

Bonus #2: More Vintage Graphic Sets

Once you join you'll get a $15 Coupon for our Store. Why? Because I have beautiful graphic sets in store  which will give you the opportunity to expand what you already have inside the Vintage Fantasy Collection Class. You pick a set and get it totally free! Click on the images if you want further inspiration and see what's all included in the sets.

Sure you can apply the Coupon to whatever we have in store - but these are all the Vintage Sets which expand the Graphic Sets of the Vintage Fantasy Collection.

Maybe skip the Coffee...

If you are still hesitant to join maybe just skip your daily Starbucks Coffee for a Month and you have access to this class for your entire life! 

Let's meet inside the Class...

Sure the class will get more expensive over time. It will because I add more value for you. If you join today you'll never ever be charged again but get more material, tutorials and templates. My promise to you!


Madelaine from Houston: Finally I have a place to go to when I need to create something new. No, it won't get easier. I download the PDF and print the necessary pages so I'm good to go! I also got the Vintage Artistry Kit from the store to expand my library of Vintage Elements and Papers. There are so many things already but I'm addicted!

Vanessa from Miami: Got some peace for my mind - finally! I got hooked by the free Lantern in the Treasure Cave and I'm just in the process of creating beautiful butterflies for a mobile. But I've also used the Vintage Elements to print and have them cut with my circuit so I have an endless number of stickers for my junk journal. Love it!

Jean from Long Eaton: Do I have peace of mind and never need any new material? Definitely not! LOL - But just because there are so many lovely templates included that I feel that I never want to stop turning my home into a vintage world!

Tina from Creston: I'm totally in love with the papers. I started my journey in this class now by getting some scrapbooks done which have been waiting for me to do for a loooong time! I have some photos from my grandparents I wanted to scrap to make them unforgetable. So I scrapped them, printed the pages and now I put it into my Creative Journal which I also created with the help of these fantastic graphics and tutorials!

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