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Vintage Fantasy Butterfly Mobile Paper Craft (Creative World Tour: Stay Home)

Since we are taking a break from the Creative World Tour, we’re staying at home and  going to take care of our Vintage Collection. This time, we’re going to create a Vintage Fantasy Butterfly. This is perfect for decorating rooms, table tops, windows, or something to top off your present. It can be used to spruce up anything, really, to show that you put some work into it.

Just like every person, every butterfly is uniquely beautiful. They symbolize rebirth and represent hope, change, endurance, and life. These beautiful insects have striking color displays as they fly from flower to flower gathering nectar, They have bright wings that seem to shimmer and change colors just in front of your eyes.

How to Create a Vintage Fantasy Butterfly

This tutorial is pretty simple so you can do it with your kids as a sort of afternoon pastime. All you have to do is just follow the instructions.

You can always click on the links below if you want to watch that particular part of the video tutorial.

  • 01:16 Let's Start Cutting Out the Butterfly Template 
  • 02:41 Curl the Wings of the Butterfly
  • 03:33 Glue the Wings Together 
  • 04:05 Score and Fold the Body 
  • 04:09 Attach the Body to the Wings
  • 04:13 You're Done!


Basically, you only need the template and the vintage fantasy papers to create your Vintage Fantasy Butterfly paper crafts.

Download and print your butterfly template and paper from the Vintage Fantasy Class and  let's get started!

Let's Start Cutting Out the Butterfly Template

After you print your template on one side and the paper on the other side, cut out the templates roughly. Then, cut out the wings and the body nicely. Try to make it as clean of a cut as possible so that it looks nice and neat.

The kids love this part - the cutting, so be sure to assist them as they use the scissors.

Curl the Wings of the Butterfly

Once you’ve cut out the butterfly, you’re going to have to make the wings look like they just opened up.

To do this, just fold the center of the wings. Next, If you have a bone folder, place that under a wing, with your thumb over it. Then press and gently pull the bone folder up. This should make the wing curl up. Do this with the rest. If you don’t have a bone folder, a pencil or the edge of your scissors will do nicely. 

Glue the Wings Together

Next, use your glue gun to glue the smaller wings to the bigger one. You can still use normal glue or an adhesive tape if you don’t have a glue gun. It’s up to you. Using a glue gun just makes the job cleaner and quicker. 

Score and Fold the Body

Next, get the body of the butterfly. Score it vertically at the center, then fold in half so that it fits more snugly into the wings. 

Attach the Body to the Wings

Put some glue at the back of the butterfly's body then attach it to the middle of the wings. Again, you can choose to use the normal glue, adhesive tape, or the glue gun. 

You're Done!

And there you have it! You can print as many templates and papers as you want. You can also make it bigger or smaller. 

You can hang a bunch of these Vintage Fantasy Butterflies on strings by a window, or just glue them around a room to decorate it. It can be used for a kindergarten classroom, even! I hope whatever you’re decorating turns out beautiful.

Vintage Fantasy Class

If you want more varity, more papers, more elements and many more tutorials join us in the Vintage Fantasy Class!

Wanna try some Vintage Fantasy Freebies?

There are a lot of freebies in the Treasure Cave, amoung others these two you might like!

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photos look vintage

How to Make Your Photos Look Vintage

Digital Scrapbooking DVD Vintage Collection There is just something about old things which make them so pleasant. It can be the smell of years gone by, the memories that were put into these things and the people who once owned them. Some people just love vintage stuff so much that they invest a good amount of their money there. Something vintage which does not require so much money to collect are photos.

Yes, even if your photos are not truly vintage there are so many ways to make them seem so and one of them is by embellishing them with decorations which look vintage. Creating a vintage scrapbook is easier done with the help of the Digital Scrapbooking DVD Vintage Collection by Mistica Designs. It has all the fabulous things you need to be truly vintage.

The kit comes with labels, elements, American papers, travel papers world maps, books, fantasy frames, sheets and labels. Now sold at a discounted price, it is everything you need to create a scrapbook which will look delightfully old and vintage. 

How to Make Your Photos Look Vintage

Vintage style photography has enjoyed a surge in popularity among professionals, as well as hobbyists. If you would also like to improve your skills in vintage photography, we have here some useful tips for you.


Vintage photographs are mostly concerned with saturation and color. Old photos are not as vivid as new ones and this is what you want to follow. There are many levels in post production which you can tweak in order to give your pictures a vintage feel.

Contrast must be toned down so that your pictures will have a flatter feel. Adjustments can be done with the use of various software such as Photoshop.

Enhance photos by adjusting colors and color variations. There is a host of options available in Lightroom, as well as Photoshop so spend some time studying them and applying them on your photos so that you can find the perfect combination.

Lightroom Presets

In lightroom, there are many photographers who are more than happy to share their presets for free or for a very small price for people to use as a springboard for their vintage style photography.


Another thing which you can do post production to make your pictures look vintage is to use texture layers. Look at old photographs. Check the edges, age spots, dust and water spots. There are various tutorials online which can help you duplicate the textures of old photographs.


It is a given that aside from the photo effects, it is also the subject of the photo which makes it look vintage. Pay close attention to the images which you want to process. Make sure that the subject matter is conducive to the style you are seeking to replicate. Use old cars, have your subjects dress in old clothes and use rustic locations, as well as antique furniture.

Make your photos look vintage by applying the tips enumerated and explained above, as well as making sure that your use the right scrapbook decoration, the Digital Scrapbooking DVD Vintage Collection DVD.

Here are some layouts for your inspiration

Don’t forget – all elements and papers inside can be used commercially as well. This means, that you can create your own digital scrapbooking kits for sale with them.

photos look vintage photos look vintage photos look vintage photos look vintage

Get your Vintage Digital Scrapbooking Collection DVD now!

And a Vintage Digital Scrapbooking Freebie of course

Digital Scrapbooking Kit Vintage Fantasy Mini Kit



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Vintage Scrapbooking for Old Photos and Weddings

64adb8aec74bf5d0adb81d70dd1bee50.image.400x400The rose ranks high on everyone’s list of favorite flowers. It is a symbol of beauty and strength. If you would like to embellish your fine photographs with roses, you need not look any further. The Digital Scrapbooking Kit Vintage Rose Part A + B by Digidesignresort is here.

This beautiful kit is created for those who love the rose and its soft feminine touch. It works well with family pictures and it is just as perfect for wedding photos and photos of other celebrations. The graphics can be used not only for scrapbooking but also for card making, photo books, place cards, mouse pads, bookmarks and even t-shirts and bags.

The Vintage Rose kit will certainly lend more beauty to your photos. Friends and family will surely admire your digital scrapbook and the compliments you receive will surely inspire you to create more wonderful scrapbooks.

For Vintage Scrapbooking you can use old photos of your ancestors or from recent weddings. It is also a good idea if you try to color them black and white to make them really stand out.

How to Take Great Photographs of WomenBlessed2

Taking photographs of humans requires practice and a lot of time. If you are shooting portraits, understanding of the person is also a must.  It is necessary that you understand your subject to get the best out of them.  This applies even more to women. Women tend to be very critical of their looks. So, how do you get women to let their guards down and to project beauty and strength like the rose?

Spend time with your subject

It is much better to do some snapshots rather than you ask the people you want to take photos of to position for them. Have an event, e.g. play a game together and then, in unobserved moments, you take your photos. This applies even more to children. Sometimes they don’t want to be photographed so just observing them and shooting when you feel the moment is there will give you the best portraits ever.

Technique and psychology

Show the photos you shoot to the people they are from. They are much more critical than you are and it a photo is just good when the person on it likes himself.

Sort out clothes

Clothes which look good and fit well can easily boost a person’s confidence so talk through them and find the most flattering outfits. Adhere to the basic clothing rules to help make your subject look the best they can on photos.

Qpage_vintage_rose_600 VintageRose_ABFull_07


Positioning is very important in photos and you should take some time to practice this. Move your subject around to see where they look best and most flattering. A rule of thumb you must not forget is to always shoot from above. Only a very few look good from below and they are mostly models. So if you want to take the challenge of positioning people rather than taking snapshots as mentioned above make sure they really want to be photographed and like to experiment with you.

Avoid straight joints

You must have heard this saying in photography, “If it bends, then bend it”.  A straight body looks stiff and it very unflattering to most people. Whatever the position of your subject, you must always try bending the arms and elbows slightly. The head should lean forward and the knees must also be bent.

And here a freebie for you so you get a first taste of this gorgeous collection! 

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