Hybrid Scrapbooking

Scrapbook Ideas for Baby Boys

I love scrapbook ideas with interactive elements and this one comes not just with tags where you can cover your journaling but also with some acrylic painting so it's really a mixed media scrapbook idea!

Great Scrapbook Ideas for Baby Boys

Here is a not so common Scrapbook Idea for Baby Boys! Scrap with me as I guide you step-by-step in this tutorial. You can always click on the links below if you want to jump to that part of the video.

  • 02:31 Start Adding Strips of Paper to your Scrapbook Page
  • 04:13 Adding Tags to your Scrapbook Page
  • 07:34 Adding the Pictures to the Tags
  • 09:41 Add Acrylic Paint to your Scrapbook with Stencils 
  • 15:17 Add Some Decorations to your Scrapbook Page


Aside from the It's a Boy's World digital scrapbooking kit, and the material I've already listed in all the other tutorials you find here on the blog, here's what you need:

Start Adding Strips of Paper to your Scrapbook Page

Get your It's a Boy's World paper and tear it on one side, just like on the image below. Then glue it on the left edge of your page. Cut any excess paper.

Adding Tags to your Scrapbook Page

Next, add tags to your page. You can make your own tags using a designer's program, or you can just simply cut a coloured paper. It will save you money if you don't buy ready-made tags from the brick and mortar scrapbooking store.

We need 2 tags for this tutorial.

Punch a hole on with the Crop a Dile from We r Memory Makers.

Add your eyelet to each tag. Don't forget to add a hole and a eyelet to your page. It is where you will be attaching the tags later on.

Adding the Pictures to the Tags

Before you glue your cute pictures to your tags, you can add some bits of papers to it.

For the other tag, you can paint it using stencils.

Add Acrylic Paint to your Scrapbook with Stencils

Here, I use a hexagonal stencil for my page and a strong colour of acrylic paint.

And a starry one for my tag. Of course, you can use whatever shapes and colours you want for your scrapbook.

Let your paint dry before you add the pictures to your tag.

After gluing your pictures, tie your tags using a thread. 

Add Some Decorations to your Scrapbook Page

You can add another strip of paper to the bottom part of your page and some stickers (from the It's a Boy's World scrapbooking kit) at the center. There are many elements that you can choose from in this kit, so pick some that you love to add to your scrapbook.

The beauty of digital scrapbooking kits is you can buy them once and print them as often as you need them.

You're done!

Cheers to that lovely scrapbook page that you've just created. If you are curious to learn  how I decorated my other scrapbook page (the one at the right side), you just simply Add Circles and Vellum to your Layout.

Baby Boy Mini Album
"It's a Boy's World"

If you are looking for a Class on how to create such a lovely Mini Book - join me. Additionally, you get all the Scrapbook Elements and Papers as well as the Cut Files to create these lovely Scrapbook Layouts and Book.

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What are .... Tagger Kits?

What are …. Tagger Kits?

Tagger Kits contain elements and papers just as any “normal” digital scrapbooking kits. While full-size digital scrapbooking kits are 12×12 inch with a resolution of 300 dpi for great printing quality, tagger kits have a resolution of 72 dpi and with 2.6 x 2.6 inch.

From the preview, you often don’t see that kits are tagger kits. That’s why we don’t sell tagger kits at Digidesignresort – we don’t want to confuse our customers. Beside that you can always downsize full kits.

Here is a signature tag created with Carena’s Autumn Crunch Kit – a full-sized kit used for a Tag but it gives you a basic idea how you can use Tagger Kits.

What are .... Tagger Kits?

Taggers are making signature graphics from the kits and tag them to their emails or they create avatars for e.g. forums. So mostly these graphics are used for web purposes because of their size. You can’t use them for printing.



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