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Doodle Sheet: How to draw a Sloth for your Sleep Tracker

Draw a Sloth in eight easy steps. If you follow our Tutorial step by step it's not hard, I promise! First, go to the store, grab your free Workshop , print it out and start drawing!
Of course you can use it in your Bullet Journal or your Digital Planner. 

Here is how it looks in your Digital Planner:

Once you are done practising you can do it on your own, that's where it says "Your Turn!".

Don't forget to save your Sloth when you have drawn it digitally. You can use it for your Digital Planner or whatever you plan with it (e.g. creating stickers, mugs, pillows, etc.). When you sign up for our newsletter you get a PDF and 2 PNG files so you can print it out (go here) and put it into your Bullet Journal or just draw on a paper. But you can also add the PNG file into your digital journal and draw there - in any case you can easily practice drawing!

A Sleep Tracker for your Bullet Journal

Follow along! In this video I show you step-by-step to draw the sloth. Get your free Doodle Sheet, grab your pencil and join me!

A Sleep Tracker with a Sloth for your Bullet Journal or Digital Journal

We also have the Sleep Tracker "done for you" in our store. You do not just get the Sleep Tracker for your Digital Planner and/or Bullet Journal but also the separate PNG File with "just the sloth" so you can create endless projects from it!

If you want to use the graphic and the spread commercially, we also have you covered! There is a commercial use option in our store to choose so you can use the graphics for your own projects and sell them.

Need a Digital Planner?

Do you enjoy Planning and want to take your Planner with you wherever you go? Then grab a copy of this digital planner! You can easily expand it to your needs and have all files with you at any time!

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Wild Sea Travel Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Wild Sea Travel Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Digital Scrapbooking kitWild Sea Travel Digital Scrapbooking Kit

If you have ever seen the movie Little Mermaid ? and loved it ? then this Digital Scrapbooking Kit collection should appeal to you. The theme of this kit is Wild Sea and like the name suggests, it is so natural, beautiful and peaceful to look at. Frankly anytime I look at it, I just remember the Little Mermaid, with the crab singing “Under the Sea” and all the fishes so happy, swimming around and spinning like crazy. So I may sound a little wacked, but if you will just look at the models for the Kit, you should start to see my point.

The kit contains 9 digital scrapbooking papers of size 12 x 12 each and 48 digital scrapbooking elements and is one of the designs produced by the Mistica Designs. The graphics are usually delivered as PNG files thus dispensing with the need for shipping or shipping costs. Yay!

This design is so all-encompassing, beautiful and natural that it can be used for everything from summer to nature, to outdoors, to vacations, etc.

Now if you happen to purchase this kit, let me assure you that you do not have to strain to think of creative ideas for use of the kit but just in case you do have ‘artists block’, (if there is any such thing) then here are a few tips for you to help get you on your way:

  1. Take pictures of people on the beach and place it amidst this background.
  2. Take fun pictures of your kids playing in the sand and paste against one of the wild sea backgrounds.
  3. You could also make an ordinary day by the pool more appealing and wildly exotic by pasting select pictures strategically against the scrapbooking layouts.
  4. You should focus more on fun, casual pictures as they tend to blend in more with this wild sea background. I mean, it would definitely not work out if you were to take pictures of people all buttoned up in an office and paste it against the fun, natural, backdrop of this Wild Sea design.
  5. Organize family vacations, picnics, etc and take lots and lots of fun pictures then use this design to create your scrapbook.


The overall theme is fun, casual, beautiful, and exotic and the best part is that you can design it any way you want to create a scrapbook that will be unique and wonderful.

Here are some layouts for your inspiration for the digital scrapbooking kit Wild See by Mistica Designs

Digital scrapbooking Wild SeeScrapbooking KitScrapbooking Kit



And here is your free digital scrapbookin kit:
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Capture Your Travel Experiences With The Australia Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Capture Your Travel Experiences With The Australia Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Digital Scrappbooking Kit AustraliaCapture Your Travel Experiences With The Australia Digital Scrapbooking Kit

I have always wanted to visit Australia for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I started saving up money in my little piggy bank. It was mostly all cents and then the occasional dollars but in my childish mind, I was saving for my trip to Australia. Then of course I became a teenager and frittered it all away on makeup and mini-skirts so now I am saving up again for that trip I never got to take.

Now this digital scrapbooking kit collection by Mistica Designs has 30 scrapbooking elements and also 2 digital scrapbooking papers of size 12 x 12 each. It is also usually transferred digitally in PNG files rather than shipped and so you can have access to it at a very cheap and affordable rate. The kit has lots of designs of Australian signposts and Australian animals that add beauty to the scrapbook and can be utilized properly when you are making your own designs.

Now I don’t want to bore you with the features of this design so I will just come straight out and tell you that if you are using this scrapbooking kit, then you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Take pictures that will look natural against the backdrop of the scrapbooking kit. I mean, you don’t want to take pictures of you and your family on vacation that end up looking way out of place and fake.
  2. Watch the lighting. By this I mean that you should consider the scrapbooking layouts, if the background is bright and sunny, it would look weird and out of place if you pasted pictures of places that were dark and dingy in it.
  3. You can totally commercialize this layout if you decide to use them for t-shirts and bags, and even funny tourist hats.

Take a moment to picture what want before you dive in and start designing. Indeed, it may not hurt at all for you to take a pencil and sketch out a general idea of what you want before you start pasting and scrapbooking.

Australia may well be a world away for now, but every time I look at my scrapbook with these Australia layouts, it feels like I have gone to Australia already. Okay that may sound cheesy but in truth, if you take the pictures right, you will love what you see at the end of it.

The Digital Scrapbooking Kit Australia from Mistica Designs is perfect for all your fantasy layouts and includes a freebie:

digital scrapbooking kitdigital scrapbookingdigital kit








And here is your free digital scrapbooking kit, paper not included:



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