Sunset Scrapper Club

Get Scrapbooking Kits, Tutorials,
Printable & exciting Ideas along the Way!

I remember that, as a child, I often sat in my grandparent's kitchen with a cardboard box (from a supermarket around the corner) and created a house for my Playmobil figures. I didn't get tired doing so 

- sometimes I "build" a new one each week. My figures had everything - from wallpaper to food (from play dough) and of course some furniture as well - from more cardboard. While crafting I listened to kid's stories. 

It's a bit different today - but not much. I still love crafting and although I no longer create houses for my Playmobil figures I still do crafts to decorate my home. I still love decorating my Bullet Journal and I still love listening to audiobooks - now Audible is my favorite place to get them and no longer the library in town. But hey, who cares?

If you are like me, if you always loved crafting and if you always loved to create something nice for your home, cards for your family members or just a decoration for the next birthday party you are at the right place!

The Sunset Scrapper Club is the place where you do not just learn how to scrap and use an image editing program but also how to do lovely crafting projects from scratch - with step by step instructions. Additionally, in the Sunset Scrapper Club you'll find tons of great add ons for your scrapbooking projects such as quickpages and clusters - if you want to get e.g. a photo book done. 

The Sunset Scrapper Club is the all-in-one-solution
for all kind of Scrappers and Crafters

Inside the Sunset Scrapper Club you find a lot of Scrapbooking Kits (where you can create tons of projects from!) and beautifully designed printable and cards if you want to start a crafting project on your own or with your child on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

No, it won't get any better as you get everything for all your needs for one small price per month and as well as endless material and new projects!

And yes, I'm also here to help if you are stuck in your crafting Journey.

Let's have some fun together!

  • Fun Projects, shown step-by-step
  • PDF Sheets with the Graphics for each Project ready to print out
  • Idea areas with even more fun Projects!
  • Fantastic, unique and JUST at the Sunset Scrapper Club available Scrapbooking Sets

Won't you say that it's a nice to always have crafting material on your finger tips
without going anywhere? No matter if you need some "Me Time" or if you want to
craft together with your loved one or friends you are good to go! And, even better,
you get new projects along the way - all the time!

You can, of course, cancel your membership over your
Dashboard in the Sunset Scrapper Club at any time.

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