Scrapbook Tips | Adding Circles to your Scrapbook Layout

If you don’t know what else to add to your quite empty scrapbook, you’ve come to the right place! In this tutorial, I will show you some scrapbooking tips to spice up your scrapbook pages. Since this tutorial is pretty easy, you can do it with others as you follow along.

Adding circles to your scrapbook layout is so much fun!

How to Make Scrapbook Layout with Circles

If you are looking for some helpful scrapbooking tips that show you how to re-invent your scrapbook layouts, this tutorial is for you. I show you not only how to use the We R Memory Keepers Circle and Spin Trimmer* but also how to use these circles in your scrapbook layouts.

  • 02:40 Cut some Circles using the We R Memory Keepers Circle and Spin Trimmer 
  • 12:42 Add Stamps to your Layout
  • 17;01 Add some Elements


These scrapbook tips and materials can save you hours. Here's what I've used.

Cut some Circles

The scrapbooking tool you see here is from We R Memory Keepers (Circle and Spin Trimmer). It’s a very simple thing to use. Here are a few circles I have already made experimenting with this.

To use the Circle and Spin Trimmer, you first insert the paper into the device as shown here. And then you decide how big your circle will be.

The next thing you have to do is take the little knife that sits on the side (you see the vacant hole there? That’s where the little knife goes). Then insert it into a hole (this decides how big your circle will be). 

Then hold the little spinning handle and spin! Once you’ve spun a whole circle, you have cut a circle from your paper and can now take it out. You can try again with another design where you’ll cut a circle but as an outline (remember the cutouts I showed you in the first snapshot? The two on my right hand is what it should look like).You can make it thick ones or thinner circles.

Add Stamps to your Layout

And to accompany these circles, we have stamps! These are the Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapter Stamps. They contain an assortment of phrases (and more) which you can decorate your scrapbook with. If you want more ideas how to add stamps to your scrapbook, check out our How to make a Scrapbook from Scratch tutorial.

Add some Elements

After you have stamped your scrapbook page, you can glue some elements like these cute flowers here.

To spice things up a little bit, let’s add another shape. Rectangles (as stripes)! A tip is to use shapes to fill in your scrapbook and frame your pictures. It makes the scrapbook look prettier and more “scrapbook-y”.

There you have it! You have a nice scrapbook layout with different decorations. You may want to check out our Mini Album Page Ideas where I show you how to do the right side of your scrapbook layout.

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