Scrapbook Decoration Ideas: Vellum and Circle in a Scrapbook Layout

Do you need more Scrapbook Decoration Ideas? Then have a look at this scrapbook layout! It's created with some circles and vellum. It's two in one with a shine-through vellum you decorate with some golden ink!

How to Add Vellum and Circles to your Scrapbook Layout

If you are looking for a different Scrapbook Decoration Idea then this Scrapbook Layout might be for you! I'll show you how to cut perfect circles and how to add vellum or parchment to make your scrapbook more appealing.

Scrap with me as I guide you step-by-step.

  • 00:00 Scrapbook Decoration Ideas
  • 01:22 Circles for the Edges
  • 06:55 Folding the Circles in Half
  • 08:59 Getting the Circles into the Mini Album
  • 12:30 Adding Vellum to your Mini Album
  • 14:40 Glueing Vellum into the Scrapbook
  • 16:00 Adding Strips of Paper to your Scrapbook Layout


For this Scrapbooking Layout and for the entire Mini Book Collection, I am using the It's a Boy's World Scrapbooking Kit.

Circles for the Edges

First, you have to measure your scrapbook page width so you know how big or small your circles would be.

After that, use your We R Memories Circle Trimmer to cut perfect circles that will go to your scrapbook page edges. Of course, you can always use any available cutting tool you have at home, like a pair of scissors. That would be fine. But I love using my trimmer for perfect circles.

Folding the Circles in Half

Here, I use a paper scoring tool to score the middle of my circles. You can fold them with the use of a bone folder or just your fingers.

Getting the Circles into the Mini Album

The other half of your circles should be glued to the back of your scrapbook page just like on the image below.

Before you attach the circles to your page, create some lines in the inside where you will write your memories later on.

After that, put glue on the other half and make sure that the parts with glue are glued at the back of the page.

Adding Vellum to your Mini Album

Get your vellum and cut it into a size that will cover your entire page.

Glueing Vellum into the Scrapbook

You have several options to attach it to your page. Here, I use an adhesive tape but you can also use a washi tape. Whatever method you want to use, it's up to you.

Adding Strips of Paper to your Scrapbook Layout

After adding your circles and your vellum to your scrapbook page, you can now add your photos and start writing your memories.

Cut some strips of paper and add them to your page. You can glue them under your photos or anywhere you think it's perfect to place them.

Add some golden stamps for a more glamorous look!

If you want more inspirations and ideas, you can check out our Mini Album Page Ideas and learn more how to add circles to your scrapbook page.

If you need a more detailed instruction and more Scrapbook Page Ideas have a look at our all-in-one Mini Album Class!

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