Scrapbook a Life you love (Freebie included!)

It's all easier said than done. Sometimes life is not easy. Sometimes you think there is nothing worth to be scrapbooked, don't you?
At least that's what I think - sometimes there just isn't anything. 
I have a super small family. I just wanted to list them all and then noticed: It's not that small. Maybe these people are not all "traditional" family members but definitely humans I deeply love and which are important to me. And there are also our fur babies. My Mum has a little cat and a dog and we, my husband and I, have three cats. Well, that is how things are together sometimes. If you asked me if I had ever planned to have all these fur babies, I'd definitely say no! ūüėČ

Scrapbook the unexpected

So yes, it's always worth to scrapbook your life. No matter if you scrapbook your fur babies, your little one, a vintage photo of your Grandpa or the first flower of the season. It's worth it!
To make it easy for you, I've put together a freebie for our new scrapbooking kit "Life is about Love"

And here comes a little freebie - I added a scrapbook paper and a cluster so no matter if you wanna do digital scrapbooking or hybrid scrapbooking you can use these two things for a beautiful scrapbook. In case you want some more scrapbook elements on your scrapbook layout check out the kit I have in the store.

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