Pivot after being in Business for 11 Years

Do you remember me?

My friend Maren, aka Dreamcatcher Designs (R.I.P, Maren...), and I launched Digidesignresort on August, 1st 2008. Yes, it is that long ago and it has been a Rollercoaster Ride ever since. We started with the forum and we wanted members to join us having fun and also joining the downloadable area of the site where you got new digital scrapbooking items every day. Those days it made sense because there were so many digital scrapbooking sites and of course freebie sites but there was hardly something like a "digital scrapbooking buffet" for commercial use items.

It didn't take long before more people joined us. And before designers joined us and before we decided to add a store to the site. That was around October those days and we used Yahoo Groups to advertise the site. Yes, it's that long ago - do they even exist anymore?

Maren quickly decided that her heart was more into designing than managing a digital scrapbooking site which made it, especially for me with a full-time job, nearly impossible to design (I did anyway! You know me as Mistica Designs :D).

To make a long story short: This site helped me to gain amazing friends. There is Carena from New Zealand and Nayyan from the US who visited me here in Germany and who I visited in the US. Those memories definitely belong to the best of my life.

We got hacked - several times -, we had fights in the forum, we cried, we loved, we enjoyed and we were together - just like a family.

It was me who got out of all this when I had some really bad personal setbacks. I totally lost my creativity and really couldn't design anymore. It was bad, bad, bad... so Digidesignresort wasn't my main focus anymore. Those days I had already quit my day job and was working full-time on the site but hey, what is an owner of a creative site without any creative juice?

Getting back on Track and realizing...

... that the Scrapbooking World has changed!
There are no more digital scrapbooking sites around anymore or at least very less. There are not many scrappers anymore or at least no digital scrappers. There are sites just like "Project Life" from Becky Higgins which are no longer in Business as they used to be...iiihhks!

My wonderful friends just like Nayyan, Carena and our fantastic Creative Team with Elaine, Sharon, Rosemary and all the others are, I bet, still there but our industry... well, it went really down.

So... pivot!

It took me some months and several hints in the newsletter (yes, I'm still renovating the site ūüėÄ ) to reactivate all the lovely people who came to Digidesignresort every day to finally figure what I wanted. And I can tell you this process wasn't easy (and expensive!).

There is still my Mum and I. My Mum joined me at Digidesignresort in 2010 and yes, she is still working on the site with me. And there is my friend Markus, yes, a man, who is recording videos with me and basically "in" with me for whatever I decide.

The good thing is that we are a great team. The bad thing is that we need to cover the costs for three people for food, rent, insurances, etc. from my little digital scrapbooking site....
In case you want to help us, maybe consider to become our Patron! That will be another fun place to be! And I promise you'll get highly rewarded for being our Patron.

Check it out here:

So what's the Future of Digidesignresort?

Yes, things have changed but that is not necessarily a bad thing! It just means that we need to change the business a bit to make sure that three people can work on this site and provide you with lovely tutorials (videos!), resources, freebies, courses, new products and so much more!

So in future we will expand a little.

There will be still our Planner Buddy Club and the Sunset Scrapper Club and there will also be our Safari Lounge Designer Classes and our digital scrapbooking store.

But there will be more - this site will in future also talk about Bullet Journaling, Hand Lettering and Drawing and how to get all this into your computer and make money from it (hey, talking of the Safari Lounge Designer Classes 2.0 anyone who is already a member will get, at no additional cost! So if you were on the fence of joining anyway, now is the BEST TIME EVER).

You decide: You can wether stick to digital scrapbooking or e.g. grab a notebook and try your hands on Bullet Journaling and Hand Letting. 

As a teacher for arts it makes also sense for me to show you how I draw ūüôā From cacti to toucans, from meditation trackers to elephants.

So yes, Digidesignresort, will be as its name says, about all kinds of digital arts and I promise you it will be a lot of fun! Actually MORE FUN as it used to be since we cover different arts which can come all together in your Bullet Journal or in your Scrapbook. Why shouldn't it be great to do some Hand Letting in your Scrapbook? Or Scrapbooking in your Bullet Journal? And why shouldn't you have fun drawing some doodles or watcolor images in your Scrapbook or Bullet Journal?

You see - this will work ūüėÄ

And, btw. I have a lot to tell you what I've been up to over the last years. There are many stories to share so stay tuned.

What already happened...

Nope, I'm not telling you all this out of the blue. Many thoughts, planning, a SWOT analysis and online courses I took part in as well as updating the site and such already went in. 

So yepp, Meditation seemed to be a good idea. (So far I'm doing it every day!)That's why you can now get our meditation Tracker for free, check out your Newsletters from us if you already a subscriber. Otherwise go here

So here is what we already did:

  • Added tons of videos to our YouTube Channel here
  • Updated 1 million links (at least it feels like this)
  • Created lots and lots of freebies and new products
  • Build up a new store
  • ... more I can't think of right now

If you want to help us...

Tell me, what crafts do you do beside Digital Scrapbooking?

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  1. Good on you for adapting, changing direction with the seasons, and looking to still inspire and teach!

    I myself no longer digi-scrap very much anymore, But there are other ways I capture memories and exercise creativity.

    Increasingly I am doing more with video, and I still do composites for slides at church, spend time on art-work for social media and church events, and a bit of ad-hoc design for non-profits. Photography remains a big part of my creative life too. I wish my daughter hadn’t lost my drawing tablet during moving, but then again, that makes me consider whether I need it or can use a phone or tablet to do the same (technology has gone in leaps and bounds).

    I hope Digidesign resort continues to evolve and provides a range of materials, advice and tools for the next generation of designers.

    1. Lia,
      Thanks so much for your detailed comment! Always great to hear what our members are up to.
      I can promise that there are photography courses on my list, e.g. taking photos with your smartphone and Adobe Lightroom. Interesting that you mention videos because I also discovered that I LOVE video editing, it’s great fun and you can do so many things!
      And yes, you no longer need graphic tablets, you can just use an iPad Pro and go ahead – I do that as well and I think it’s much better to draw on that one.
      Thanks for being still around, I hope you join in for the one or other tutorial and grab a freebie here or there.

  2. Glad to see that you’re back! So many of the digiscrap sites have closed down. I’m not really sure how it happened (LOL) but I got into making junk journals and I love it so much. So I am looking more for things that can be printed and then used in my journals (or for making ephemera and embellishments). I do digital design too, so I’m usually looking for stuff with a CU license. Best wishes!

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