Mini Album Page Ideas (Scrapbooks)

So, you’re up for another mini album idea? If your mini album is looking a little blank or flat right now, this is the right tutorial for you. Or maybe you’re just here to freshen up your creativity and want to see the continuation of our Scrapbook Tips | Adding Circles to your Scrapbook Layout tutorial. 

Mini Album Page Ideas for your Scrapbook

This tutorial is very short and simple, so you should be able to do this quite easily and quickly even if you're scrapbooking with a kid. 

  • 00:00 Mini Album Page Ideas 
  • 02:16 Fold a Long Piece of Paper 
  • 02:52 Attach the Backside of the Folds
  • 03:09 Add Some Elements 
  • 04:06 Add Some Stamps
  • 05:38 Add Your Photos and Stickers to Your Mini Album


Aside from your photos, here's what you need for this tutorial.

Fold a Long Piece of Paper

An idea that I want you to try out is the Mini Album inside your Mini Album. You just fold a long piece of paper and turn it into a little notebook where you can write many things about the memories on that page.

Fold it as shown in the picture.

Attach the Backside of the Folds

Then you tape the backside of the folds together to create a notebook sort of fold. It’s best if you use adhesive tape for this.

Add Some Elements

Now that you have a few pages, you’re going to have to think of things to fill it with. Stickers, stamps, and little stories to name a few.

If you have a few more elements in your page that need fixing or gluing down, do those now. You can also add circles to your page just like I did in my left page.

Add Some Stamps

Now for some stamps! As I said, you can put these in the page itself or maybe in the little notebook you made.

Add Photos and Stickers to Your Mini Album

Back to the little notebook we made, start adding the photos and elements you want. Maybe you can write a little story in there to explain the photos. Or stamp them out. Whatever floats your boat.

If none of these are sparking your imagination, you can just put the photos there, plain and simple. It is your scrapbook, so you decide which memories are worthy of making it into the little notebook. 

And voila, you have you double page layout!

I hope you liked the tips and ideas I shared to you to make your mini album much more special and how to add circles to your scrapbook layout. Stay safe and make memories!

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