Let’s draw the “Happy New Year Mouse” (not just for your Bullet Journal)

Welcome the New Year with a grateful heart - and some cuteness! Look ahead to more positive possibilities.

You can use this lovely "Happy New Year Mouse" as your cover page, as a monthly intro, or to any creative project that you have in mind. It is not just for the New Year but you can use it any day of the year. You just write whatever you want inside the signage.


You need these few materials for your "Happy New Year Mouse".

Here is a Freebie for you! Learn how to create the Happy New Year Mouse Step by Step!

If you want the Happy New Year Mouse ready made for you please check out our template:

How to Draw the "Happy New Year Mouse"

Here are the 3 easy steps on how to draw this cute "Happy New Year Mouse".

  • 00:00 Introduction and Material
  • 01:41 Let's Start Sketching the Mouse with the Signage
  • 03:25 Make the Outline more Bold 
  • 05:56 Add Colour to your Drawing

You can find the "How to draw the New Years Mouse" for free in our store. But if you decide to draw it yourself, then let's get started!

Let's Start Sketching the Mouse with the Signage

First, use your bold pencil to sketch the mouse and the sign. Draw the sign at the bottom, then the face of the mouse on top. You can estimate the size of the mouse when you draw the sign first.

Write "Happy New Year" inside the box, then add some sparkles and confetti around the mouse. Of course, you can always erase any mistake and draw it again until you achieve a good result.

Make the Outline more Bold

After sketching your mouse with the "Happy New Year" signage, use your Stablio pen to outline it. This will turn it into a comic style.

Add Colour to your Drawing

Use different shades of Stabilo pen to add colour to your drawing. You can choose shades that you want for your spread. Also, you can use any colouring materials in this step. I just want the Stabilo pen here because it is not so coloured.

Enjoy the New Year with your cute little mouse!

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