How to draw the Running Turkey for Thanksgiving

It's true that you can't think about Thanksgiving without thinking about turkey.

If you have no idea what to draw for your bullet journal cover this November, then this could help you! Or maybe you just want to make a thanksgiving card and want to do the hard work instead of printing one. This could help you, too!

How to Draw the Running Turkey for Thanksgiving

In this tutorial, I show you how to draw a running turkey. Just follow the instructions and you will be done in a few minutes.

Also, you can click the links below anytime you want to go to that particular step in this video tutorial.

  • 01:25 Sketch the Turkey
  • 04:24 Outline the Drawing
  • 08:02 Highlight the Eyes of the Turkey
  • 11:21 Colour the Turkey 
  • 12:31 The Turkey for Thanksgiving is Ready! 


If you decide to draw the turkey, here's what you need.

Grab any bullet journal you have and let's get started!

Sketch the Turkey

First, we will sketch out the turkey. Pick up your pencil and draw a circle. It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle as this will be the turkey head. Then, below it, draw a bigger oval, once again it doesn’t need to look perfect. This will be the body. Now connect these two with a neck. If you make a mistake, you can always rub it off.

Then, add the details on the chest of the turkey by drawing waving lines across it. Draw the beak of the turkey with its teeth showing in a smile as shown in the picture. Then you draw the snoods of the turkey. You know, the hanging bits.

Then draw the feathers of the turkey by drawing big curving lines. Like how you would draw the top part of a cloud. Then draw two more sets of curving lines below the top one as you see in the picture.

Now, draw the feet of your turkey. The end result should look a bit like what you imagine chicken feet might look like.

Then, in the head, you draw the eyes, which are circles. Make another circle inside the eyes and shade it in, but leave a white circle there. Then add an eyelid over the left eye as you see in the picture.

Draw the rim of the hat by making a big curve like an s. Then finish the rim by drawing a line above most of the right side like in the picture. Then draw the top part of the hat.

Now, draw the wings with one wing on the hip and another reaching for the hat as you see in the picture. And add upside-down tear shapes at the back feathers to add more detail. If you make mistakes here, use your rubber/eraser.

If you find it hard to draw the turkey, you can always go to our store and there you can find our printable. You can just print and glue it to your spread, or you can use a graphite paper to transfer the image into your project.

Outline the Drawing

Now grab your black colored pencil and start going over the lines you drew. You might want to use a stabilo pen here, whichever you prefer. But if you do use a black colored pencil it will be harder to erase the pencil lines later because the colored pencil will smudge a bit, but you can choose which one to use. 

Highlight the Eyes of the Turkey

Now, get your white sharpie or metallic marker and fill in the white dot in the eye to make it pop out more. Be sure to fill in the eyes with black colored pencil before you put on the white.

Colour the Turkey

Now to the relaxing, fun part! Pick up your colored pencils and start coloring your turkey. Use pink for the skin of the turkey and red for the snoods. Use blue for the hat. And red and black for the feathers as you see in the finished product. And finally, color in the feet and beak with yellow. 

The Turkey for Thanksgiving is Ready!

And tada! You now have a turkey for your thanksgiving card or for your November bullet journal cover.

This turkey is not just for your bullet journal. You can use it for your other creative projects.

Here’s another reason why I decided to draw this turkey: in my newsletter, I wrote a story about a turkey, on thanksgiving day. Have fun on your thanksgiving!

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