Floppy Ears Plotter File Freebie

Love is in the air! When I have drawn this cute elephants I just had to add some hearts. I was thinking of a Mum or a Dad and their baby watching the stars in the sky. I didn't want to add the sky though because I wanted to give you some options using this files. So here is what I added to the freebie and what you can do with it.

And, promised, this is how all my files are so you can do tons of different things with them - from creating stickers and doing scrapbooking to making T-Shirts, Mugs and so much more.

Just note: This little Elephants are hand-drawn and therefore it's not all looking equal and it's meant to be like that. I hope you like them!

Plotter File

I've also added a Plotter File to this set. The Plotter File is for the Silhouette but you'll also find a PDF so you can use your plotter program and create your own file as well.

Samples what you can do with the Freebie

As promised! Create T-Shirts, Wall Art, and/or Mugs from this cute Elephants. Add some text and it's a great gift as well.

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