Easy Scrapbook making Tutorial for Beginners (Creative World Tour: Caribbean)

Have you ever seen a pretty sunset? I’m guessing you also took a pic of it. Now you probably thought of wanting to keep that memory alive instead of trashing the pic after a year. Well, if so, this is the perfect tutorial for you!

As part of our Creative World Tour in the Caribbean, I am going to help you create a piece of that scrapbook you wanted to make and make it more special.

How to Make an Easy Scrapbook for Beginners

This tutorial is simple so you can create a few pages of these in a day. Just follow the steps and you’ll be done in no time.

 Also, you can click the links below if you want to watch that part on the video.

  • 01:40 Print your Photos
  • 01:46 Gather your Elements or Stickers 
  • 03:31 Cut the Paper 
  • 04:18 Fold the Center of the Paper
  • 04:56 Punch Holes into the Fold 
  • 06:21 Put your Elements Together 
  • 10;08  Decorate your Scrapbook with Stamps
  • 10:49 Add your Polaroids 
  • 15:44 A piece of your Scrapbook is done!


Basically, you only need the Elements and Papers from the Course "Memory Planning: Travel Journal" for this tutorial and the Travel Journal you can create with the help of this class.

If you just want to try creating this Scrapbooking Layout you can find the eBook together with the cut files (Silhouette File included) in our store.

Download and print your elements and papers and let's get started!

Print your Photos

First, you take out the photos you will be using to document what happened in your week or whenever the photos took place in. Here I have the polaroids that I will be using for this piece of the scrapbook. If you don’t have a polaroid printer, then you can always use thick paper and print your photos there. 

It may not be as good as an actual polaroid but it will certainly work for this.

Gather your Elements or Stickers

The second step is to gather all the elements you will be applying onto this scrapbook. It’s best if you choose a specific theme so that it will look more cohesive and nice. In this one, we’re going for a pastel-vintage look.

There are also stamps of all kinds that we will use. For this scrapbook, they are flower-themed silicon stamps and typewriter letters. 

Cut the Paper

Now we have to cut the printed paper. Of course, you can apply the elements and photos first and cut later and while this is easier for me, it depends on you how you want to cut this. 

In here, I used paper cutter but you can always use a pair of scissors. Just make sure it’s neatly cut.

Fold the Center of the Paper

After cutting the paper to the measurements, fold it in half. Make sure that it’s in the middle so that each side gets to hold as many photos as the other. Balance is a big part of scrapbooking so that everything looks cohesive.

Punch Holes into the Fold

Now use the We are Memory Keepers Bookbinding Guide to punch holes into the center line of the paper. This is where the threads will go when you connect this to a bigger scrapbook or the rest of the travel journal.

Put your Elements Together

Now add the elements to the paper. Overlapping and clustering helps and will make your travel journal or scrapbook prettier. You also have to make sure that your elements go together and that you’re not overloading one page. If there are too many elements or photos on a page, the reader’s eyes will be confused and they won’t know where to look first or what they should be looking at.

But you also have to make sure that you fill a page with something otherwise you won’t have much to show the reader and they will think it’s boring. We don’t want that, of course, so try to add little elements at the sides of a bigger element if you’re sapped of inspiration.

You have to remember that there is no right or wrong in scrapbooking, so feel free to add what you want.

It will most likely take you a while to figure out where you want the elements to go - that’s why we don’t glue things on first. Then, when you do know where they go, glue them on. It’s better to use a glue stick for this so that there’s less of a mess, but you can use the liquid one. It’s up to you.

But remember not to fully glue the frame or you won’t be able to insert your polaroids!

Decorate your Scrapbook with Stamps

When the elements are in place, this is where you can bring out the stamps. You can use the silicon stamps which are molded into different shapes, and you can also use the letter stamps. Here, I use the flower stamps because they fit the aesthetic/theme we’re going for. 

You can put the flowers anywhere you like, just make sure not overload the page like I said before.

As for the letters, I wrote “storm 2020” because this year’s not only about the pandemic, but strange weather so I’m documenting it. 

Add your Polaroids

To finish this, place your photos in the frames. You can put them anyway you like. Since I didn’t fully glue a frame, I inserted a bit of the polaroid into the frame. 

A piece of your Scrapbook is done!

And just like that, you finished a piece of your scrapbook! You can create as many pages as you want. Hopefully, you learned something from this.

You can try our other scrapbooking papers and elements for your scrapbooks, you can find them in the "Memory Planning: Travel Journal" Class, Cut Files included!

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