Draw a Fall Project Planner Spread for your Bullet Journal

Do you have big, long term plans for this fall? Well, if you have some projects you want to finish this fall, then this is the right tutorial for you. This will help you keep track of what to do in each month so you won’t get lost and confused.

The good thing with this planner is you can customize it however you want. You can use this planner in any season, in winter or summer or spring. Like I said you can customize this however you want.

How to Draw a Fall Project Planner Spread for your Bullet Journal

Just follow me through this tutorial and ?I show you simple steps on how to draw your planner.

You can always click on the links below if you want to repeat or go to that particular step on how to create your spread.

  • 00:58 Let's Start Adding the Black Washi tape to the Spread 
  • 01:18 Write the Title of the Spread
  • 02:38 Divide the Spread into Three Parts
  • 04:26 Create Timelines
  • 05:15 Add Colour to the Spread
  • 05:50 Your Fall Project Planner Spread is Ready! 


You need a few materials for your Fall Project Planner. Here is what I've used.

Let's Start Adding the Black Washi tape to the Spread

First, get a piece of black washi tape for your title and tape it on the top part of your two-page spread. You can always peel it off if you mess it up and put another piece.

Write the Title of the Spread

After that, write, “project planner” on it in calligraphy using your white sharpie or metallic marker. Or if you don’t want that style, then it’s okay, you can choose how you write it.

Make sure to be careful of touching what you wrote or you will smudge it. If you do smudge, or you don’t like how it looks, you can peel the washi tape off as always.

Divide the Spread into Three Parts

Now, get your set square and use your fineliner to draw three horizontal lines, equally spaced apart. Now you have divided the two-page spread into three separate parts. You will write here your projects during the three months. If you have more than three, then divide the spread accordingly.

Next, draw boxes on the left side and draw a line in the middle. You will write the projects you have in here.

Create Timelines

Next, make timelines on each division. Draw a horizontal line on top of each division. Separate the three lines into three more parts equally to create a timeline, as shown in the picture. Name each part with each of the months.

Add Colour to the Spread

Now for the fun part! Get your Zebra Mildliner or any felt tips you have, and add some orange, yellow, and green colours to your timeline. Since this is a fall project planner, I’m using fall colors, but you can choose which colors you want to fit the season you are planning these for. You can also draw little doodles that fit the season beside the “project planner”. And you can color those, too!

Your Fall Project Planner Spread is Ready!

You’re done! You now have a Project Planner Spread to guide and help you finish these big projects you have in mind.

If, however, you didn’t have time for this (maybe you have more projects) well then, that’s okay! You can go to our store and get the printable version of this and you can just glue it on your bullet journal, instead, or you can transfer it using a graphite paper. Now, good luck on those projects!

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