Double Page Layout Part 2 | Scrapbook for Beginners

I am scrapbooking for 12 long years and I would say that I have an amazing journey because I met people from all over the world. It is not just about memory preserving but also about the community.

That's why I love to show you different scrapbooking layouts to preserve your beautiful memories. I have already shown you some Scrapbook Decoration Ideas and this time, I want to show you some more!

For the entire Mini Book Collection, I am using the It's A Boy's World scrapbooking kit. You don't have to resize the elements because I have done that already for you.

Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners

In this tutorial I'll show you how to easily add an interactive elements to your scrapbook page and hide your journaling or a special picture with no more than a washi tape and some scrapbook elements.

  • 00:00 Introduction 
  • 02:40 Get your Photos and Elements Ready 
  • 04:53 Creating Interactive Elements
  • 06:27 Preserving the Memories
  • 07:07 Add Some More Decorations


You don't need a lot of materials for your Double Page Scrapbook Layout. Here's what you need.

Get your Photos and Elements Ready

Before you start adding pieces of washi tape, choose which photos you want to preserve. It does not matter how you arrange them. What's important here is the memories and stories that you want to preserve with those photos.

Creating Interactive Elements

Get your washi tape and tape one side of a photo in your scrapbook page. I use a black washi tape because I think it matches the other elements. But you can use any colour of tape you want, of course.

After taping the side of your photo, cut it a bit so it is easier to flip.

Because this is an interactive photo where you can flip it, you can glue another photo under it. Just make sure it is a little smaller in size.

Glue some elements to decorate your photo and your page.

After that, do the same to the other photo. Add a piece of washi tape and glue your decorations.

Preserving the Memories

Use the element that is included in the kit, write down some stories about your photos. You can write when and where the photo was taken. And feel free to write anything you want to remember about your photos so you will not forget those memories as years pass by.

Glue the "story" maybe under your interactive photo.

Add Some More Decorations

There are many elements in our It's a Boy's World scrapbooking kit that you can choose from. Just add whatever you feel matches your photos.

Add elements to your scrapbook page so that the overall visual composition of your two pages is balanced.

That's it, your layout is done!

You now have an interactive elements in your scrapbook page. Because you can flip your picture, you can hide another picture under it. Isn't it cool?

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