Doodle Sheet: How to draw Fall Leaves Freebie (PU/S4H)

Do you want to learn drawing and painting? Well, you cannot just use this new skill for drawing into your Bullet Journal but also on paper to create lovely graphics for your scrapbooking. Beside that drawing and painting, being creative actually, is super rewarding - it helps you to calm down and is good for your health.

We all need to start somewhere. Why don't you start with some leaves? They are pretty easy to draw. 

When you sign up for my newsletter you get a PDF so you can print it out and put it into your Bullet Journal or just draw on a paper. But you can also add the included PNG files into your digital journal and draw there - in any case you can easily practice drawing!

Draw a Fall Habit Tracker with Leaves

Follow along - in this tutorial we draw not just the leaves but a full fall habit tracker.

In this video I show you step-by-step to draw the leaves. Get your free Doodle Sheet, grab your pencil and join me!

Fall Habit Tracker for your Bullet Journal

We all need Habit Tracker all the time to improve our life. If you want to learn more about tracking your habits and drawing the full habit tracker yourself have a look here.

Or, if you want to grab your copy from the store, go here

Need a Digital Planner?

Do you enjoy Planning and want to take your Planner with you wherever you go? Then grab a copy of this digital planner! You can easily expand it to your needs and have all files with you at any time!

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