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Drawing a Flamingo is easy when you have it layed out in nine steps. Just sign up for my newsletter, grab your free Workshop, print it out or use it for your digital Bullet Journal and let's start drawing!
The good thing if you put the sheet in your Digital Planner is that it won't cost you any ink for your printer nor paper and it's great for our environment, yes, little things count!

Here is how it looks in your Bullet Journal:

If you don't know how to get the sheets into your Digital Planner check out the tutorial here.

Don't forget to save your Flamingo as a Sticker for your Digital Planner or whatever you plan to do with it (e.g. creating stickers, mugs, pillows, etc.).

When you sign up for my newsletter you get a PDF and a PNG file so you can print it out and put it into your Bullet Journal or just draw on a piece of paper. But you can also add the PNG file into your digital journal and draw there - in any case you can easily practice drawing!

How to draw a Flamingo

Follow along! I show you step by step how to draw this cute flamingo.

In this video I show you step-by-step to draw the Flamingo. Get your free Doodle Sheet, grab your pencil and join me for the fun!

Flamingo Cover Page

I also have the Cover Page "done for you" in our store. You do not only get the Cover Page Spread for your Digital Planner and/or Bullet Journal but also the separate PNG File with "just the Flamingo" as well as all months and 2 different versions of "Hello" so you can create Cover Pages and endlos projects from this set!

Need a Digital Planner?

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