Affiliate Program

Digidesignresort is one of the first digital scrapbooking sites which offers an affiliate program.

What is an affiliate program?

First – you don´t have any requirements. Second – it´s super easy to set up. Affiliates are bloggers,
webmaster, site owner, store owners, forum owners. You can sign up for an affiliate program, then you
grab the provided code for a banner and post it in your forum signatures, on your blog, website, store – wherever you like.
If you promote the banner people click on it and come to the resort. The affiliate program notices that you´ve send us the
customer. The customer makes a sale, let´s say about 50 $ and you easily earned 5,00 $ commission. Imagine just 100 people
per month click on your affiliate banner and just 10 buy something – yes, it can boost your money a lot!!!

Basically, the more people you send us, the more money you make!

We do not just offer banners but also other promotional material you can use to advertise Digidesignresort and so advertise any
product you wish.

How much do you pay and when?

We pay 10% commission for every sale you make. You can see your generated sales in your affiliate account in real time which means
that you can immediately see how much money you made with which marketing activity. We pay you off on the 1st day of every month
so you get a nice additional paycheck!

What if I recommend your affiliate program to friends?

Do that and you earn even MORE! Why? We offer a second tier program. You send your friends a link to sign up for our affiliate program and
then you even earn money from each sale THEY make! You get additional 5% from them. So the more friends you win to join us, the more
money you make without any additional work!

What do I do when I have the banner code?

You can just put your banner on your blog and wait for some sales but you can also pick out nice products you´ve bought at digidesignresort or
some you like and show the preview on your blog. Then you link to the product with your affiliate link. Write your honest opinion, tell others
what you like and why you like it.

Here you find also an instruction on how to use custom links to promote one specific product.

Help us to spread the word about DigiDesignResort!

Just sign up for the programm here and start earning money today.

Even if they just come in and buy later you get your commission because the program automatically realizes that you´ve sent us the customer and even
after 90 days we send you the commission!

You´ll find advertising material in your account under affiliates tools. More information, e.g.

If you have any question please feel free to write to

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All links marked with (*) are Affiliate Links. If you decide to purchase something over such a link it will support our website and helps to deliver more great content but is at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!