Here's a fun fact about pumpkins and bears. It is usual to see bears eating pumpkins, especially if they are relatively fresh. This vegetable is not considered a staple food of bears, but these cuddly animals will eat just about anything to bulk up ahead of winter. 

This little Pumpkin Bear is great for your Bullet Journal but it's also nice to just practice drawing. You can also add "him" to a card or create mugs, pillows and/or stickers with my Pumpkin Bear Set!

How to Draw a Pumpkin Bear

It doesn't look like a beginner drawing tutorial but I promise it's absolutely manageable! I walk you through, step-by-step.

  • 01:02 Draft the Pumpkin Bear
  • 03:17 Make the Pumpkin Bear Bolder
  • 05:28 Colouring the Pumpkin Bear 


You need a few materials for this tutorial. Here's what I've used.

Draft the Pumpkin Bear

Get your pencil and let's start drafting the pumpkin bear. Draw a circle for the bear's head. Then use smaller circles for its ears. After that, draw the other parts of its body and the pumpkins. Go with circles and ovals for this step so you can draw your pumpkin bear easier.

Make the Pumpkin Bear Bolder

Use your fine liner to go over your draft to make it look more defined. After doing that, rub off any unwanted pencil lines.

Do that with your page title also.

Colouring the Pumpkin Bear

Start colouring your bear with a light brown colour. You can use a darker shade of brown for the edges or just use the same shade you first used but colour the edges heavily to create a 3D effect.

Now, get your orange colour and start filling in your pumpkins. Colour your leaves green, of course. But you can always colour your Pumkin Bear the way you want it.

There you have it! 

Always remember that you can draw this Pumpkin Bear any month of the year - not just for your bullet journal, but also for your other projects.

And because Halloween is around the corner, we have some more pumpkin drawing inspirations for you. Check out our weekly overview that you can easily draw yourself if you are looking for some tips and ideas on how to draw a pumpkin for your bullet journal.

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