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Halloween stands for a scary time but also for Pumpkins and lights and cuddling on Sundays. So here is a weekly spread you can easily draw yourself if you are looking for some tips and ideas on how to draw a pumpkin for your bullet journal.

How to Draw a Pumpkin

In this tutorial, I show you how to easily draw a Pumpkin for your weekly overview.

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  • 01:51 Let's Start Drawing the Pumpkin
  • 02:35 Draw Circles around the Pumpkin
  • 04:07 Colour the Pumpkin 
  • 05:26 Write the Days of the Week inside the Circles 
  • 06:46 Fill Out The Whole Circles 
  • 10:37 Give Some Colour to the Background 
  • 11:14 Write the Dates of The Week 


Basically, you just need your pencil and some coloured pen to draw your pumpkin.

Let's start to draw the Pumpkin

Grab your pencil and start drafting your pumpkin. Here, I draw my pumpkin on the center - half on the right and half on the left page.

Then, I add some leaves and vines so that it has dimensions.

Draw Circles around the Pumpkin

Use a coin to draw seven perfect circles around your pumpkin. Do mind their distances.

Colour the Pumpkin

Next, use your coloured pencils to colour your pumpkin. Here I use a lighter shade of orange first, and then I use a darker one to create a 3D effect.

Don't forget to colour your vines and leaves also.

Write the Days of the Week inside the Circles

Now, write the first letters of the days of the week inside your circles. Use any style you want to write them. But here, I use a hollow font for each letter because I want to fill out the whole circle later on.

Fill Out The Whole Circles

I use a black stabilo pen to fill out the circles. Of course, I leave out the hollow letters. You may use any colour you want to in this step.

After shading, you may want to go over your hollow letters and write them with a white sharpie.

Give Some Colour to the Background

After you've created your to-do list, you may now colour your background. Here, I colour my background lightly with green and orange shades.

Write the Dates of The Week

Beside your circles with the days of the week, write the corresponding dates for each day.

That's it, your Weekly Overview with a Pumpkin is ready!

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