How to draw a Mood Tracker with Ghosts for October and beyond!

Looking for some inspiration for your October Mood Tracker? Here are our mood ghosts to track your feelings or your mood.

This Mood Tracker with Ghosts is not just perfect for Halloween and therefore October but also for the dark time of the year.

How to Draw Mood Tracker with Ghosts

This Mood Tracker Ghosts are so easy to draw that even your kids can draw them in a couple of minutes. Just follow these simple steps. Also, you can click on the links below if you want to jump to that part of the video.

  • 01:20 Adding the Black Drawing Paper to the Page
  • 03:04 Writing the Heading
  • 04:07 Drawing the Mood Ghosts
  • 07:49 Colouring the Mood Ghosts
  • 11:45 Outlining the Mood Ghosts 
  • 13:50 Adding Some Stars to the Background
  • 14:23 Numbering your Mood Ghosts
  • 14:51 Adding the Legend
  • 15:56 Tracking your Mood 


You just need some basic drawing skills and materials for this tutorial.

Adding the Black Drawing Paper to the Page

First, you have to roughly measure the area of your page where you will be going to glue the black drawing paper. Get the measurement of its length and width. 

After measuring your page, it's time to measure your black drawing paper. You need a black paper that is smaller than your bullet journal page, so adjust your measurement for it.

Cut off the black sheet and glue it into your page. Glue it a little bit inclined.

Writing the Heading

Now, write your Mood Ghost heading using your pencil.

Drawing the Mood Ghosts

Use your pencil to draw your Mood Ghosts. Basically, they are just half ovals with wiggly lines at the bottom.

Don't forget to count your ghost. Draw 31 ghosts for October.

Colouring the Mood Ghosts

After you have completed drawing your 31 ghosts, it's time to colour them with your white acrylic paint. Wait for your first layer to dry before you add your second layer.

Outlining the Mood Ghosts

Make your Mood Ghosts more defined. Outline them with your black stabilo pen. Just go all over them once again.

Adding Some Stars to the Background

This is so easy. Use your white sharpie and drop some dots to your black background.

Numbering your Mood Ghosts

Number your Mood Ghosts from 1-31 using your fine liner.

Adding the Legend

Write the legend to the left page. I use 8 moods or feelings but you can add more or less to your page.

Tracking your Mood

Now that you have your Mood Ghosts and your legend, you can now start tacking your mood for each day!

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