Do you have a bunch of things to do this fall but you don’t know how you’re going to keep track of all of them? Or maybe just a few small ones? Well, then this is the perfect tutorial for you since I’m going to teach you how to make a to do list so you can get things done this fall, big or small. 

Also, if you want inspirations for your other bullet journal spreads, you can check out our Fall Reading List for your Bullet Journal and Fall Project Planner. These will help you keep things organized.

How to Create Fall To Do List for your Bullet Journal

It’s pretty easy and simple so it shouldn't take too long for you to make these by yourself, or with others. Just follow my instructions and it’ll be a breeze.

You can always click on the links below beside the play button if you want to repeat or jump to that part of the tutorial.

  • 01:05 Write the Title of the Spread
  • 01:35 Draw a Box
  • 02:26 Draw a Pumpkin Inside the Box
  • 02:51 Add Washi Tape to the Spread
  • 04:02 Make the To-Do List Marker
  • 05:05 Write the Headings 
  • 05:51 Colour the Drawings 
  • 06:16 Your Fall To Do List is Ready!


If you decided to make your own Fall To Do List, here is what you need.

Get your materials and let's get started!

Write the Title of the Spread

First, get your fineliner and write “fall” in cursive on the top right of the left page. Then, write “to do” below it. Outline the words to make them more detailed and prettier. Now, draw a few leaves beside the heading you wrote to add to the fall aesthetic we’re going for. And maybe, if you want, you could add little dots here and there.

Draw a Box

Now, make a box beside the heading you just wrote. Use the set square to get straight lines. This will be where we draw a pumpkin later. 

Draw a Pumpkin Inside the Box

Next, draw lines on the side and on top of the box. They should have varying space thicknesses. Meaning some should have big spaces and some small spaces.

Then, draw a pumpkin inside the box.

Add Washi Tape to the Spread

Now, put your black washi tape below the square. If it doesn’t turn out like how you wanted it to look, you can always peel it off. That’s why I love using washi tape for my headings, they’re easy to peel off if you make mistakes. This will be where we put our headings for the to-do lists.

Make the To-Do List Marker

Next, draw straight lines below it and add dots to the right side of it like how it shows on the photo. The dots will mark where you will put your to do’s. So, if you're finished with a to-do, you can cross it out.

Write the Headings

Now, write the headings using your white sharpie or metallic marker on the washi tapes. The headings will be the type of goals or to-do’s you will write below. Be careful with the white sharpie as it will smudge so let it dry first for a bit. If it does smudge, or you made a mistake, then you can always peel off the washi tape and redo it again.

Colour the Drawings

Now for the fun part! Get your Zebra Mildliners, or any felt tip pens you have, and start coloring in the lines beside the box. Since we’re going for a fall theme, use fall colors. You can choose what colors to put in whichever order you like. In this one, we’re coloring the wide spaces. Then add color to the leaves beside the “fall to-do list”, too!

If you don't have time to create your Fall To Do List Spread, you can always go to our store and there you can find the spread to download. You can print it and transfer or just glue it to your Bullet Spread. 

Your Fall To Do List is Ready!

You now have something to plan for all the major and smaller things you have to do this fall. Now you can stay organized. Share this with your friends and family so that they can keep track of the big things they have to do, too!

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