If you love reading a lot of books, then you know that sometimes you keep hopping from one book to the other. Before you finish one book, you go to the next one and the cycle repeats, and before you know it, you have a pile of unfinished books. Well, if you have this problem then you’re in luck! This is the right tutorial you chose.

Here you will learn how to make a reading list which will help you stay organized and minimize book-hopping. You can do this with your other reader friends or by yourself. It’s pretty easy and pretty quick! Plus, you can customize it however you want.

How to Create Fall Reading List for your Bullet Journal

Just follow me through this tutorial and you’ll be done in a few minutes.

You can always click on the links below if you want to repeat or go to that particular step on how to create your spread.

  • 00:56 Draw a Vertical Line
  • 01:12 Add Washi Tape to the Spread
  • 01:40 Write the Heading
  • 02:24 Decorate the Spread with Books and Flowers
  • 02:56 Add Bullet Points 
  • 03:13 Add Colour to the Decorations 
  • 03:58 Your Fall Reading List is Ready!

Fall Reading List

If you don't wanna draw the Fall Reading List yourself, if you want to use it for your digital planner or if you enjoy much more to fill it out go to our store and you can grab it as a download!

Gather all you need and let's get started!

Draw a Vertical Line

First, pick up your pencil and put a marker on where you want your line to go. Or you can skip this part and immediately use your fineliner to draw vertical line at the center of your page. You can choose where to start. This line will separate the bullet points on the left and the list of books on the right side.

Just draw a line using the set square so that you get a straight one. You can draw this line anywhere as long as there’s room on the top or bottom for the other items you will be drawing.

Add Washi Tape to the Spread

Next, cut 2 pieces of black washi tape and add them to the top right corner of the spread. These pieces of tapes are where you write heading later.

Write the Heading

After that, get your white sharpie or metallic marker and write on the top washi tape, “Fall”, and on the bottom one, “Reading List”. Make sure you let it dry a little bit first or it’ll smudge. If it does smudge, or you don’t like how the writing looks, you can always peel off the washi tape and start over. That’s a great thing about washi tape, you can always peel it off if you make a mistake.

If you want some inspiration on how to decorate your bullet journal spreads using a washi tape, you can check out our Motivational Tracker, Things to Check Out, Pinterest Tracker, Fall project Planner, and a lot more.

Decorate the Spread with Books and Flowers

Now, pick up your fineliner again and draw the books, they go beside the washi tape. They're pretty easy to draw. Just draw two lines parallel to one another and draw curves on the sides. Then you add the details inside of the books.

After that, add the flower pot above the books and fill it with flowers. You can choose how they look. 

Add Bullet Points

Add dots beside the line as you see here. They will mark where you write the book titles. 

Add Colour to the Decorations

Now pick up your Zebra Mildliners, or whatever felt tip pens you have in hand, and add colour to the details of the books and the flowers. 

Your Fall Reading List Spread is Ready!

And voila! Finished. You now have your Fall Reading List spread. All you need to do is add the names of the books you will be reading! This is, after all, why you’re following this tutorial.

Now you know which book to read after you’ve finished one and you can stay away from book-hopping through fall. Now get your books and start reading!

If, for whatever reason, you can’t make your own Fall Reading List spread, then it’s okay! You can always go to our store to get a printable version of this which you can just print and transfer to your spread using a graphite paper, or just glue it on your bullet journal. That's so convenient for you.

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