Since we are taking a break from the Creative World Tour, we’re staying at home and  going to take care of our Vintage Collection. This time, we’re going to create a Vintage Fantasy Butterfly. This is perfect for decorating rooms, table tops, windows, or something to top off your present. It can be used to spruce up anything, really, to show that you put some work into it.

Just like every person, every butterfly is uniquely beautiful. They symbolize rebirth and represent hope, change, endurance, and life. These beautiful insects have striking color displays as they fly from flower to flower gathering nectar, They have bright wings that seem to shimmer and change colors just in front of your eyes.

How to Create a Vintage Fantasy Butterfly

This tutorial is pretty simple so you can do it with your kids as a sort of afternoon pastime. All you have to do is just follow the instructions.

You can always click on the links below if you want to watch that particular part of the video tutorial.

  • 01:16 Let's Start Cutting Out the Butterfly Template 
  • 02:41 Curl the Wings of the Butterfly
  • 03:33 Glue the Wings Together 
  • 04:05 Score and Fold the Body 
  • 04:09 Attach the Body to the Wings
  • 04:13 You're Done!


Basically, you only need the template and the vintage fantasy papers to create your Vintage Fantasy Butterfly paper crafts.

Download and print your butterfly template and paper from the Vintage Fantasy Class and  let's get started!

Let's Start Cutting Out the Butterfly Template

After you print your template on one side and the paper on the other side, cut out the templates roughly. Then, cut out the wings and the body nicely. Try to make it as clean of a cut as possible so that it looks nice and neat.

The kids love this part - the cutting, so be sure to assist them as they use the scissors.

Curl the Wings of the Butterfly

Once you’ve cut out the butterfly, you’re going to have to make the wings look like they just opened up.

To do this, just fold the center of the wings. Next, If you have a bone folder, place that under a wing, with your thumb over it. Then press and gently pull the bone folder up. This should make the wing curl up. Do this with the rest. If you don’t have a bone folder, a pencil or the edge of your scissors will do nicely. 

Glue the Wings Together

Next, use your glue gun to glue the smaller wings to the bigger one. You can still use normal glue or an adhesive tape if you don’t have a glue gun. It’s up to you. Using a glue gun just makes the job cleaner and quicker. 

Score and Fold the Body

Next, get the body of the butterfly. Score it vertically at the center, then fold in half so that it fits more snugly into the wings. 

Attach the Body to the Wings

Put some glue at the back of the butterfly's body then attach it to the middle of the wings. Again, you can choose to use the normal glue, adhesive tape, or the glue gun. 

You're Done!

And there you have it! You can print as many templates and papers as you want. You can also make it bigger or smaller. 

You can hang a bunch of these Vintage Fantasy Butterflies on strings by a window, or just glue them around a room to decorate it. It can be used for a kindergarten classroom, even! I hope whatever you’re decorating turns out beautiful.

Vintage Fantasy Class

If you want more varity, more papers, more elements and many more tutorials join us in the Vintage Fantasy Class!

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