A special person deserves a special gift. Gift boxes are a great way to make someone smile. Well, the gift part anyway. But a pretty gift box alone can melt one's heart. 

Now that we are on a break from our Creative World Tour, let's make the most out of our time. We stay at home and create some paper crafts and be productive while having fun.

Our tutorials are kid-friendly so you can always do these together with your family and friends, especially with your kids. They will surely love it.

How to make a Vintage Fantasy Gift Box

Here, I will teach you how to make a vintage fantasy gift box for your dear ones. There are many events where you give gifts and presents so if you’re running out of any ideas on how to make a good one, here is a suggestion.

You can watch this tutorial anytime and with anyone since it’s really quick and easy. If you plan to do this with kids, note that there are scissors involved. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be done in no time.

Also, you can click the links below if you want to watch that part on the video.

  • 00:52 Print Out the Template and Vintage Fantasy Paper 
  • 01:11 Cut Out the Template
  • 03:42 Score and Fold the Templates
  • 04:45 Attach the Templates Together 
  • 07:48 Your Vintage Fantasy Gift Box is Ready! 


Basically, you only need the template and vintage fantasy papers to create your gift boxes.

Print Out the Template and Vintage Fantasy Paper

First, you need to print out the template on one side and the Vintage Fantasy Paper on the other side.

As a crafter, you will find out that as you create more and more paper crafts, it is more economical to just print your own papers than to buy them on craft stores.

All you need are your digital supplies and a good printer*. Pay for your digital scrapbooking supplies once and you can use them as many times as you need them. They are also great for your paper crafts.

Cut Out the Template

Next, grab your scissor and cut the template out. Cut as precisely as you can so it can fit together later.

Score and Fold the Templates

Then use your bone folder to score the lines inside the template. You can also use a ruler as your guide if you want a straighter and cleaner result.

You can use your fingers to fold the papers, or the ruler by itself if you don’t have a bone folder. Just make it clean so everything will fit nicely later when we put these parts together. 

Attach the Templates Together

Next, add pieces of adhesive tape to the smallest folded parts or the bottom parts of the sides of the box. It’s best if you use a smaller size adhesive tape to reduce the fuss, but you can still use bigger sized ones. It will just take a little bit longer and tape will get stuck on your fingers more often. You can also use glue here but it's more convenient to use the double-sided tape.

Remove the coating film of the tape and attach them to the bottom of the box - the square template.

Attach each sides to the square. If you make a mistake, you can remove the part carefully by peeling it off and trying again. There’s a pattern, though. You will notice you have two different templates for the sides. Note that you have to put similar parts facing each other.

Also, add adhesive tape to the semi-circular flaps. Then put them all together upright. Make sure to have the flaps be inside the box, not outside so that it will look prettier when it’s finished. Again, you can also use glue here.

Your Vintage Fantasy Gift Box is Ready!

To finish it all up, you can tie it all together with twine or string and insert a flower in there to make it look prettier if you want. If this is a present, you can add the tag, too. You can choose how to customize it anyway you want. You can even add stickers or draw on them! The best way is to partner it with the Vintage Fantasy Envelope.

Now, there are many ways you can use this box. Teacher appreciation gifts, mother or father’s day, birthday presents or birthday giveaways, etc. I could go on. And like I said, you can customize this anyway you want. But, I think the gift inside is what matters most of all, so you got to put some heart into that one, too.

If your goal is to make a special person smile, then I hope your specially made gift box will succeed in its duty.

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