We are taking a break from our Creative World Tour this month - and we are staying at home and taking care of our vintage collection where we can do so many lovely crafts with. 

If you are excited and want to take a look and learn more from our Vintage Collection than here is our Vintage Fantasy Collection Accordion Folder tutorial for you. These accordion folders are great for storing small things - like sticky notes, tickets and other small things lying around on your desktop!

How to Create the Accordion Folder

This tutorial is pretty simple and easy to do so you can do this with your kids, but be careful of the sharp materials in this tutorial as we are using cutters and scissors.

You can always click on the links below if you want to go to that particular minute in the video.

  • 01:02 Cut Out the Accordion Folder Template 
  • 02:32 Score the Templates
  • 03:42 Fold the Templates
  • 05:33 Tape the Upper and Bottom Parts of the Template Together
  • 06:30 Attach the Folders Together to Form an Accordion Folder
  • 07:49 You're Vintage Fantasy Accordion Folder is Ready!


Aside from glue and scissors, here's what you need:

Print out your template (on one side of a paper) and vintage paper (on both sides of the paper) and let's get started! Don't forget - you need the paper with the template as many times as you want bags in your accordion folder...

Cut Out the Accordion Folder Template

First, cut out the shape of the envelope (one part of the accordion) using a pair of scissors or your cutter. Just cut along the dashed outline of the template. In this tutorial, you need three templates to make one accordion folder. But you can print more if you want to add more folders.

When you use a template for your paper crafts, every step is so easy, isn't it? Plus you can make as many paper crafts as you want because you just print out your papers and templates using a good printer and you're all set.

Cut the dashed line at the bottom of the template using your cutter. This is where you will snap the lock later on. Be sure to use a cutting mat or board under your paper so you will not cut through your working table.

Score the Templates

Now, get your bone folder and press on the dashed lines using your ruler as your guide. This creases will make it easier for you to fold it later. Score all the dashed lines and repeat it if necessary.

Fold the Templates

Next, fold all the creased lines, with the vintage paper on the outside of your envelope. You can use your fingers and bone picker so that the folds will get flatter.

Tape the Upper and Bottom Parts of the Template Together

Now that you have folded it all, get your tape. Place some strips of tape on the side folds as shown in the picture. You can place it at the top or bottom part, it doesn’t really matter. Then attach the bottom flap to the upper flap and press. You're now done with one part.

Do the same with the other two templates.

Attach the Folders Together to Form an Accordion Folder

Make sure each envelope aligns with each other first.

Then, you cut out the top flaps of the other two folders because you will not need them - you only need one folder with a lock or flap.

You need to cut the slit on the last one as this will be where the top flap of the first envelope will be going. This will close the accordion.

Lastly, attach the two folders to the one with a flap.

Put strips of double-sided tape on the front of the folder with a flap and attach the second one. Do the same on the attached envelope, put strips of tape then attach the third one. Pressed them together to make sure they are intact.

Your Vintage Fantasy Accordion Folder is Ready!

It's so great! Now you have created one of our lovely Vintage Fantasy Crafts.
You can use this accordion folder for storing small things you need. For example, tickets, letters, or money. A cool way of using this is by tying a piece of string or yarn around this and attaching this on a present. Or maybe as a giveaway at parties. You can also make this bigger if you have a bigger printer.

I hope you have added this to your collection and personalized it in your own way. Or you just left it the way I made it, that’s okay.

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