Let’s draw Plants for your Bullet Journal

Do you enjoy looking at your house plants? Now, you can also have them on your creative projects with these easy-to-draw plants. These different types of cacti and other potted plants are not just perfect for your home but also for your scraps.


Here is what you need for this tutorial.

How to Draw Plants for your Bullet Journal

It's so easy to draw a cactus! Just follow the steps on how to draw lovely plants for your bullet journal. You can always click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video. 

  • 00:59 Let's Start Writing the Heading
  • 01:40 Adding Shadows to the Heading 
  • 03:24 Drawing the Plants
  • 04:50 Colouring the Plants
  • 09:43 The Reference Sheet is Ready! 

Let's Start Writing the Heading

First, use your dual brush pen to write the heading. You can use two different shades of green. Write a cursive "plants" on the top of your spread.

Adding Shadows to the Heading

After writing the heading with your dual brush pens, add some shadows using your fineliner. In this step, you can decide where you want to add your shadows

Adding Highlights over the Title

Let your heading dry a little bit, then use your white sharpie to add some highlights over it.

Drawing the Plants

Now, draw different types of pots and plants. 

Colouring the Plants

Basically, you can colour your plants with just greens, and you can always add more colours when you pick them for your spread.

You can search online for different cacti and plants for your reference. Also, you don't have to draw and colour them perfectly. 

The Reference Sheet is Ready!

Now, all you need to do is pick some cute cacti or any plant from your reference sheet and use them anytime to decorate your other creative projects

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