Because we are still on our Creative World Tour to Mexico, we should savour the Mexican culture that is bursting with vibrant colours - from its traditional cuisine, typical animals, and incredible plants. 

Terrazzo is popping up everywhere these days and  if you are planning for a party and you want to impress your guests, well, this tutorial is handy for you. 

How to Make Terrazzo Coasters

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make Terrazzo Coasters for your party or just for everyday use. It's pretty easy and fast and will probably less than an hour from your schedule.

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  • 01:13 Let's Start Rolling Out the White Clay
  • 03:23 Roll Out Pieces of Coloured Clay 
  • 03:58 Break the Baked Coloured Clay
  • 04:25 Press the Pieces of Coloured Clay into the White Clay
  • 05:45 Put the Cork Coaster and the White Clay Together
  • 06:13 Make Some More Terrazzo Coasters! 


You don't need a lot of materials to make your own coasters. Here's what I've used.

If you have all that you need, then let's get started!

Let's Start Rolling Out the White Clay

Get a piece of white clay and roll it out with any available rolling pin you have in the house. Here, I'm using a glass cup - let's be resourceful sometimes.

I use the pieces of cork coasters to get the right diameter or measurement for the Terrazzo Coasters. You can punch out the white circle with the mouth of the glass or with a knife.

Roll Out Pieces of Coloured Clay

Now get the other colors of clay. I chose these colors because they work great for Mexico.

Knead the pieces of clay, then roll them out with any round object you have in hand. If it doesn't look like how you want it to, you can do it again. Of course, this doesn't matter much since we're going to break it apart in the next step.

Then, once you have the pieces, put them in the oven for 15 minutes at 110 degrees.

Break the Baked Coloured Clay

After taking them out of the oven and waiting for them to cool for a bit, you can use your bare hands to break them into pieces. Make sure to break them into tiny pieces because the smaller they are, the better it looks later in the white clay.

Press the Pieces of Coloured Clay into the White Clay

Take the white clay and start pressing the little coloured pieces into it. You can place them wherever you want, there's no right or wrong here, as long as you use all the colors.

If you don't like how you put them, you can take them out and roll the white Sculpey out again.

Put the Cork Coaster and the White Clay Together

Now, put the cork coaster at the back of the white clay coaster and flip it over. Then get a small knife or anything that can cut the clay cleanly, and take out the excess.

After that, bake the white clay in the oven. Then get your glue gun and put glue on the cork, and then place the baked white clay over it.

It is also a good idea to spray it with a clear paint so it will not be destroyed easily.

Make Some More!

Of course, you can make as many of these as you like. It's all entirely up to you. Again, you can use this for everyday use as well. 

As I've said, we are still on our Creative World Tour to Mexico, you may want to try our creative Birthday Party Donut Boxes and Mini Treat Boxes also. They are perfect for your kids party.

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