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If store-bought gift boxes do not suit your needs, try these DIY Mini Treat Boxes instead. Nothing beats gifts that have a personal touch. Handmade presents let someone feel special because you put some time creating something nice. Your guests who will receive your Mini Treat Boxes will feel nothing but good vibes.

Beside that, you can make these boxes really quick because you just have to cut out the templates.

How to Create Mini Treat Boxes

Creating mini boxes is not as complicated as you see in other tutorial videos. You don't really need a lot of tools and materials to make one. I will show you how to create mini boxes - the easy way.

Just follow along with me as I guide you step by step in this tutorial. Also, you can always click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.

  • 01:08 Cut Out the Template
  • 02:40 Fold the Paper 
  • 03:43 Tape the Flaps to the Inside of the Box 
  • 05:23 Mini Treat Boxes with the Same Paper Inside and Outside
  • 08:44 Your Mini Treat Boxes are ready!


Besides the glue and scissor, all you need is the Mini Treat Boxes printable from our store. The printable is worth it because you can make as many mini boxes as you want, not just for a single occasion but any time you need them.

There are two styles you can make. Get your materials and let's get started!

Let's Start: Print the Mini Treat Boxes Printable

The easiest way to make these treat boxes ready is to print the A4 paper on one side and the template on the other side. I added 1 left-sided and 1 right-sided template. In case you want a diffrent style - the same paper on the inside and outside of your boxes, you just glue them together.

You may want to check out The best Scrapbooking Printer for 2020. You can do fantastic paper crafts at a much lower ink expense with this printer.

Cut Out the Template

The template makes your work a lot easier. You just cut along the edges of the printed template.

Cut the dotted line at the top, this is where you snap the lock later..

Fold the Paper

Next, fold the template. Just fold along the dotted lines. It's so easy, isn't it?

Tape the Flaps to the Inside of the Box

Put some double-sided tape to the flaps of the bottom part.

Remove the tape's film.

And then attach them to the inside of the box. 

Basically, this is the first style of Mini Treat Boxes you can make with the printable. Here is the other one.

Mini Treat Boxes with the Same Paper Inside and Outside

Cut out and fold the left-sided and the right-sided templates as you did on the first box.

Put some glue at the back of each paper.

Then glue them together.

Trim out any excess so it will look nice and clean.

Glue the flaps at the bottom to the inside of the box, just like what you did with your first box.

Cut the part where you snap your lock.

Your Mini Treat Boxes are Ready!

Now you have 2 styles of mini boxes - one with a white inside and the other one has a printed inside. You can fill them with gifts or treats you want to give away to your guests. 

You can print and make as many Mini Treat Boxes as you need, on any occasion or party that you want.

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