Did you enjoy our tour to Australia? We are not done yet because we are still on our Creative World Tour. But in this tutorial, we are going to travel from Australia to Mexico!

We start to explore the animals of this interesting country. In Otumba, Mexico, they celebrate an annual festival called Buro Fair. The said festival recognizes the donkeys that they use for carrying loads.

For now, let's create a Donkey bookmark to honor this industrious animal. 


In this tutorial, I've used the following materials:

How to Create a Donkey Corner Bookmark

Creating a Donkey corner bookmark is so easy. you can create it in less than 10 minutes. 

  • 00:32 Make Triangles
  • 2:43 Tape the Two Triangles Together
  • 3:51 Cut Out the Donkey
  • 4:37 Glue the Donkey on the Corner Bookmark
  • 6:39 Cut Out the Koala
  • 7:17 We're Done!

Grab your materials and let's get started!?

Make Triangles

Cut triangles from a piece of paper. You need two triangles for a corner bookmark, but in this tutorial, you are going to make two corner bookmarks, so you cut four triangles.

Tape the Two Triangles Together

Grab your black washi tape, and tape the two triangles together. You can always use any colour of washi tape you want. Just make sure to cover the entire triangles, but you leave one side open. That's where you insert the corner of the book.

Cut Out the Donkey

Next, cut out the donkey from the printout. Leave a white frame so it will look like a sticker.

Glue the Donkey on the Corner Bookmark

Put some glue on the back of the Donkey, then stick it on one side of the corner bookmark that you covered with washi tape. Now, you have your Donkey corner bookmark.

Tape the Other Two Triangles Together

Use a different colour of washi tape to stick the remaining triangles together. Go ahead and do the same as you did with the first set of triangles. Here, I use a dotted washi tape.

Cut Out the Koala

Because Australia is a beautiful country - and I am not over it, I want to make a Koala corner bookmark too.

I cut out the Koala just like I did with the Donkey. 

We're Done!

Put some glue at the back of the Koala, then stick it into the corner bookmark.

There you have your personalized bookmarks - a Donkey and a Koala. You can use these for your bullet journal, books, or whatever you want.

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