Do you consider stress a big deal? Well, many of us do. The good news is you can keep track of your stress level to make sure you are maintaining good mental health. This easy and fun to do stress tracker will help you improve your health.


You don't need a lot of materials to create your Stress Tracker. Here's what I've used:

Stress Tracker - Cat on a Pillow

If you don't want to draw the Stress Tracker yourself and print it out as often as you want or use it for your Bullet Journal this is for you!

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How to Create a Stress Tracker with a Cat on a Pillow

Don't be stressed out because you can create it so easily. You just have to follow along as I guide you step by step on how to do it.

Here is an overview of what you'll learn in the video. Just click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.

  • 02:47 Write the Title of the Spread
  • 04:19 Draw the Cat on a Pillow
  • 08:03 Make Bolder Outlines
  • 09:37 Colour the Stress Levels
  • 13:07 Add some Depth to your Cat
  • 14:32 We're Done!

Write the Title of the Spread

Use your pencil to write the title of your spread. You can use cursive and bold style for the title.

Draw the Cat on a Pillow

Next, draw a happy cat lying on a pillow, then draw some flying feathers from it. You will use these feathers to track your stress level so you can draw 31, or less. Everyday, you will colour one feather according to your stress level.

At the bottom, draw three feathers for your stress level headings. You can use up to five, but here, I use three. Colour them with different colours.

Make Bolder Outlines

In this step, I use the Tombow dual brush pen to make the title and drawings bolder. You can also use a fineliner or Stabilo pen, whatever you prefer is fine. Make sure to erase any traces of pencil after you outline everything with the dual brush pen.

Colour the Stress Levels

Next, colour the three feathers at the bottom using three different colours. Here, I use different shades of green, but as always, you can use any colours that you want. These will be your basis each day you track your stress level. You can e.g. use "1" for low stress and "3" for lots of stress or the other way round.

Add some Depth to your Cat

I use my black dual brush pen to add some depth to the cat, but you can use any pencil or colour for this step.

We're Done!

Your Stress Tracker is now ready! All you need to do is colour one feather every day according to your stress level. You will 

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