Summer is here and the weather is perfect for some fun and easy paper craft.

Wreaths are a popular way to decorate homes. If you want to give your home some a personal touch, why not give this paper wreaths a try? This Vintage Paper Wreath is so elegant because of the colours. 

You can do this together with your kids without a sweat - but lots of fun! Make them busy this summer especially that we're on a vacation because of lockdown restrictions.


You don't need fancy materials. All you really need are some printouts, scissors, glue, and creativity!

Here is what I've used.

If you want to create your own Printable you'll need the Vintage Summer Wreath Digital Scrapbooking Kit:

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make Vintage Summer Wreath

  • 1:26 Printing the Vintage Elements
  • 1:59 Cutting the Printed Images
  • 2:31 Putting the Hearts Together
  • 3:54 Adding the Decorations
  • 4:58  We're Done!

Let's get started!

Printing the Vintage Elements

First, you need to download and print out the two PDFs. But you can make them yourself. You can find this Vintage Summer kit in our store.

Just set the print quality to "high" and select the correct type of paper, then print them out. Remember to use a bit thicker paper.

Now, you're good to go to the next step.

Cutting the Printed Images

Grab your scissors and cut out the printed images nicely. Do this to all the hearts and the other elements before going to the next step.

Putting Everything Together

Your hearts and the other decorations are ready.

Now, you have to arrange them first before gluing them together. In doing this, you can choose the colour sequence and you can have a look at the would-be final result.

Lay them on the table and choose alternating colours to form a circle, just like a wreath. Here, I choose the red heart, then the green heart, next is the peach heart, and then the blue heart. 

You can always arrange them the way you want, as long as you are forming a circle, then there's no problem with that.

After you arrange everything together, get your glue stick and put some glue at the back of a heart and glue it together overlapping the other heart next beside it. You can always adjust as you glue them.

Basically, after gluing all the hearts together, you now have a wreath.

You can decide if you want to add some elements or 3D insects over the wreath or not.

But here, I put some elements from the PDF to make it more beautiful. I put some glue at the back of each decoration, and then I stick them over the hearts.

We're Done!

Cut a piece of string for your vintage wreath. The length of the string depends on where you plan on hanging the wreath. Remember to choose a string that matches the wreath. 

This easy paper craft is perfect for kids. It's simple and fun to make. They will be able to proudly hang it up on the window or door, or share it with friends.

Did you find yourself having fun making this vintage wreath? You can share them too!

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