Are you searching for some crafting ideas for kids? You don't have to look further because you're on the right place!

Kids never get tired folding and cutting papers all day. I know you probably agree with me. They are artsy-craftsy by nature or they learn the skills from you.

Here is an easy paper craft that you can do together with your kids. Have some bonding with them especially this time that we have a lot of free time staying at home.

Decorate your home with these pretty paper flowers.


You do not need a lot of materials with this paper craft. And almost all the materials can be easily found at home.

You can also get the complete Digital Scrapbooking Kit "Cozy Wintertime" in our store and create the printable yourself.

How to Create these Paper Flowers

Even if you've never folded a paper plane before, by following these step by step instructions, you could fold your own paper flowers like a pro. 

Now, grab your materials and follow along with me.

  • 1:05 Cutting the Printout
  • 1:35 Folding the Flowers
  • 2:42 Sewing the Papers Together
  • 3:39 Gluing the Papers Together
  • 3:53 We're Done!

Cutting the Printout

First of all, you need to download our Snowflakes printable. After downloading, you can go ahead and print it out. Just use a regular paper for easy folding later. You can use a strong paper but it may be harder to fold. Print out as many as you want.

Next, cut the print out. Just cut along the edges, and your good to go to the next step.

Folding the Paper

After cutting your printouts nicely, you can now fold them to make flowers.

I called these "little houses", so, I start by folding half of a house. I turn the paper so that the reverse is now facing up, then I fold the other half of the house.

Keep folding until all the "little houses" are folded. This step is so easy that even kids can do it so don't worry.

After that, you can release or unfold them. Now, you have to fold the other paper. Just repeat what you did with the first one.

Remember that you can always make as many paper flowers as you want.

Sewing the Papers Together

Now, you have a nice snowflake. Grab your needle with yarn and sew them together. Start from the bottom of the folded paper. Sew through the creases until the last crease. Do it carefully so that you won't tear the paper.

Do not let your little kids do the sewing part. They might up injuring their hands.

Go ahead, get the other folded paper and sew it together with the first one.

Don't forget to sew the edges so they stick together. After that, you may now cut your yarn.

Gluing the Papers Together

You have to glue the edges together so that you will achieve a beautifully made paper flowers.

Just put some glue on both edges and attach them. Do this with the other ends.

We're Done!

Aren't these paper flowers pretty? You surely love this paper craft tutorial after creating your own paper flowers. Remember that you can always print the Snowflakes anytime you want to create more like this.

Let your kids enjoy crafting. It's so easy. Print it out. Cut it out. Sew them together. And use them to decorate your windows. 

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