Creative World Tour Australia: Mother’s Day Card

This tutorial is still part of our Creative World Tour to Australia. As we explore all the interesting things about this country, we will include how they celebrate their Mother's Day.

In Australia, they often treat their mums to breakfast in bed, or to lunch at a nice restaurant. Children often make their own Mother’s Day cards to give with some flowers and chocolates.

Don't worry, even if you watch this Tutorial after Mother's Day, you can always change the greeting on the card, for example, "Congratulations", "Happy Birthday", etc. The ?Spring Kitten Set* is just perfect for any kind of greeting card and paper crafts.

Tutorial: Easy Mother's Day Card

In this tutorial I show you step by step how I created this Mother's Day card.

If you want to give a personal touch to the greeting cards you want to send to your love ones, then this tutorial is just right for you.


You don't need a lot of materials in making this Mother's Day Card.

I used the following materials.

How to Create this Mother's Day Card

  • 1:05 Fold the Paper in the Middle
  • 2:02 Cut out the Elements
  • 5:32 Add Glue on the Sticker
  • 6:01 Add the 3D Foam Mount on the Greetings
  • 6:07 We're Done!

Grab your materials and let's get started!

Fold the Paper in the Middle

Fold your card paper in the middle. You can use your hands, or you can also use a folder tool, which makes the folding part easier.

Cut out the Elements

Next, cut out the elements from the Spring Kitten Graphic Set. Make sure to leave out some white details around each element so they will look like a sticker.

Add Glue on the Sticker

Add some glue on the stickers and stick them on the card. Arrange them so you'll have a space for the greeting.

Add the 3D Foam Mount on the Greetings

Add some pieces of 3D foam mount on the back of the greeting and the balloon sticker, then stick them also in your card.

We're Done!

That's it! You've just created your 3D Mother's Day card. As I've mentioned, you can always change the greeting so you can create this elegant card for any occasion.

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