This month, we are on our Creative World Tour to Australia. And we are exploring all the ins and outs of this country including its drinks, foods, the animals, and its nature.

Australia is famously known as "the land down under" and the gum tree is native to this country. There are around 700 species of this tree, but for now, we are going to draw one using watercolours.

This is so easy that even your kids can do it on their own. 


In this tutorial, we are using materials that are not common in painting but are very  common in the kitchen. Are you curious and excited? I'm sure you will love the effects.

Here they are.

Tutorial: How to Draw a Gum Tree in Watercolour

Here is the step by step guide on how to draw a gum tree using watercolour and other uncommon materials.

  • 1:46 Drawing the Trunk of the Gum Tree
  • 3:41 Drawing the Leaves
  • 5:35 Wrapping the Tree
  • 7:08 Drawing the Gum Tree Once Again
  • 8:39 That's it, we're done!

Grab your materials and let's get started!

Drawing the Trunk of the Gum Tree

Let's start by mixing some shades of brown for the trunk. 

After mixing, make sure you start drawing the trunk with the brightest color before adding a darker shade. 

Drawing the Leaves

Next, mix greens to create shades of green. You can mix lighter green with dark green, or a little bit of yellow and green, or yellow and blue. Just don't forget to add some water. Go ahead, create at least four tones.

Now, this is the exciting part. We will do a little bit something uncommon. Grab your baking paper or parchment paper and crumble it. 

Use it to dab some light shade of green into the tree. Don't use it as a brush, just dab it. Continue adding the other greens. Draw some beautiful leaves into your tree.

Wrapping the Gum Tree

Get the other uncommon material, that is the cling wrap or cling film. It will give a unique after effect to your gum tree.

Crumble some pieces and put them over your greens or leaves, Wrap your branches as well. Dab some greens on the bottom part of the tree so it will look like grasses under the tree. Wrap them with crumbled cling film also.

After that, wait for at least two hours for everything to dry.

Drawing the Gum Tree Once Again

So after two hours, carefully unpack it. You will notice the structure. It's very nice, isn't it?

Now, mix some greens and get your baking paper and dab another layer of green on the leaves once again.

Since everything is looking bright, I add another layer of brown. I mix some browns and use my brush to draw darker shades of brown on the trunk and branches.

That's it, we're done!

Now, you have a wet gum tree. The baking paper and the cling wrap contribute the creative effects on this drawing tutorial.

Let it dry for another set of hours and you'll be glued to your gum tree. 

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