Bullet Journals help you organize your to-do list, reminders, schedules, and other endless notes. The greatest takeaway of having a Bullet Journal is that it will help you externalise your thoughts and become more productive, 

The beauty of Bullet Journaling is that you can always decorate and design it whatever way you want. You can add stickers, or you can draw flowers or anything that gives you joy and inspiration.


For this tutorial, you need a few materials.

How to Draw Dutch Doors and Flowers for your Bullet Journal

Customizing your Bullet Journal is so easy. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw Dutch doors and nice flowers for your Bullet Journal.

You can always click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.  

Once you have all the materials you needed, let's get started!

  • 1:34 Cut Off a Leaf of the Bullet Journal
  • 2:21 Draw the Calendar Month
  • 4:33 Draw the Flowers
  • 5:28 Colour the Flowers
  • 6:19 Draw the Dutch Doors
  • 9:08 Create the Post-It Note and To-Do List
  • 10:50 We're Done!

Cut Off a Leaf of the Bullet Journal

First of all, I cut off a leaf of the Bullet Journal. The idea is to create a Dutch door. So, to do this, measure one-third of the paper using the set square, then cut it off using a scissor.

Draw the Calendar Month

Next, you can draw the current month you want to use on the first page. In this tutorial, we are using four pages of the bullet journal.

Measure one-third of  the first page and draw a vertical line. On the top left corner, write the name of the month using the Micron fineliner, then use the Tombow dual brush pen to make a calligraphy. Be careful not to mess it up.

You can use the fineliner to write the days of the week. But here, I use the date stamp set to draw the calendar month. It's easier this way.

To do this, set the correct dates on the Acrylic Block stamp set, press it on the ink pad, align it on the paper, then stamp it over your spread.

I use the fineliner to frame the dates and to draw a little bit of shadow around it.

Draw the Flowers

Draw two flower vases with beautiful flowers.

Colour the Flowers

Use the Tombow dual brush pens to colour the flowers. Start with a brighter colour.

Then, add a little darker colour. You can always use the shades that you want for your flowers.

Draw the Dutch Doors

Draw two long rectangles to each page - four pages, just like on the image below.

You can use the set square here if you want perfect lines, but it still look nice even without using it.

Draw some shadow on the Dutch doors, just like you did with the frame of the calendar.

You can write your headings inside the rectangles. For example, "Meetings", "Events", or whatever you want on your journal.

Create the Post-It Note and To-Do List

On the right side of the last page, you create a post-it note. Here I create a post-it note for my groceries.

Use your fineliner to draw a box and your dual brush pen to design it.

Then, create your to-do list at the bottom of your post-it note. Again, use the fineliner to write your  "To-Do" and your dual brush pen to make a calligraphy. Use a dual brush pen to create the lines of your To-Do list.

Draw small boxes beside the to-do list lines, and create some shadows around them using the fineliner.

Also, you can give colour to your Dutch doors using the dual brush pens.

We're Done!

That's it! You've just created a personalized spread that will surely keep you motivated day by day as you open your bullet journal.

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