I know it sounds a bit strange - how can you go on a World Trip right now? Not at all. And how can you do something "Stay at Home" but be on a Creative World Trip at the same time?
Well... I was thinking... actually I had that in mind long before Corona. I thought: Why shouldn't we as "Digidesignresort" go on a creative tour each month? 
The word "Digidesignresort" is composed of "digi-design" for digital design and "resort" which always meant a place to hang out, to go on vacation and simply relax. 
So we now brought it to the next level and simply thought that we could travel from one place, from one country, to the other - every month and while traveling we could do some creative projects!
This is not just nice right now when we cannot go anywhere but also later - with Digidesignresort we will always have a place where we can "hang out" and go on a trip - at least in our mind.
And while doing so we can also learn about other countries which is a nice side effect since here on the site are so many different nationalities!

Stay at Home Tracker and Printable

This month we start with Australia and explore the Outback "Down under". On the Stay Home Tracker you find different activities (for now mine but of course you can put your own!) which help you to get through social distancing and lock down - whatever you call it. When you feel you need to go out why not have a look at your Stay at Home Tracker and see what wonderful activities you can do at home?
Cook an Australian meal, watch the Australian Series "McLeod's Daughters"* or learn about the country. 
But before you do that - let's create your own Stay at Home Tracker to have a toolbox when things are worse!

Tutorial: Stay Home Tracker and Printable

In this tutorial I show how to use the "Stay at Home Printable" to create the "Stay at Home Tracker" for your Bullet Journal. Sure there are tons of other things you can do with the printable. They are all from the digital scrapbooking kit "Walk on the wild Side" so in case you want to do something on your own you can do that as well!


You do not need a lot of material for this project.
Here is what I've used:

The Digital Scrapbooking Kit "Walk on the wild Side" is not only available in our Online Shop but also as a download in the Sunset Scrapper Club. This makes your membership even more valuable as it is just one of many graphic sets!

How to create the Stay at Home Tracker

  • 2:01 Add the Heading to your Bullet Journal
  • 2:38 Add a Calligraphy Style to your Heading
  • 3:35 Cut out the Grass
  • 4:42 Add your Favorites to your Spread 
  • 5:24 Add Bullet Points to each Main Category
  • 5:34 Decorate your Spread
  • 7:28 Fill your Stay Home Tracker with all the things you love to do

Add the Heading to your Bullet Journal

First, let's add the Heading "Stay Home Tracker" to your Bullet Journal. I use a pencil first to rub out everything that doesn't look nice and then I use the Micron Fineliner.

Add a Calligraphy Style to your Heading

I use the Tombow Dual Brush Pen and go over the heading once again. This makes especially "Tracker" look like a word written in Calligraphy Style. Beside that it adds a small shadow to the words.

Cut out the Grass

Because the grass is really hard to cut out it's a good idea to put a frame around it. This way it looks like a scrapbooking sticker and it is much easier to handle!

Glue both grass stripes to the bottom of the page.

Add your Favorites to your Spread

Now it's time to choose the main categories of all the things you like! There is no right or wrong here the point is to think about all the areas of interest you can do at home - crafting, crocheting, cooking, reading - you name it, it's all fine! The more you have the better it is of course.

Add Bullet Points to each Main Category

Add some Bullet Points to each main category - the more you have the better it is. This way you have a lot of activities to choose from.

Decorate the Spread

Cut out more Australian animal stickers for your Stay Home Tracker and make it really yours.

Fill your Stay Home Tracker 

Now fill your Stay Home Tracker with all the things you like to so. From taking a bath to making nails or baking some waffles - everything is fine! The more you write down the more you have to choose from. So make sure that you spend a few minutes on this task. Of course you can always come back at a later time and fill your spread.

Here are some ideas

I know, there are many more and I'd love to collect them with you! Some things I'll try while others are definitely something I always loved - e.g. the books from Patricia Shaw!

We are done!

That's it! By now you should have a toolbox in your Bullet Journal you can get back to when you feel that you just have to go out, meet others and do all these "normal" things we can't do right now. The point here also is to try something new - inspired by the country we travel to this month - Australia.

Let us know: What are you up to? What comes to your mind to do at home? Let's give each other some ideas!

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  1. Hi from Australia. I live in Victoria and we are in stage 3 restrictions. This is the last year of primary school for my 2 youngest grand daughters.
    I am scrapping pages relevant to their 2020 to have made into a photo-book each for them for Christmas, I hope everyone is safe and well.

    1. Hi Vickie,
      nice to meet you and thanks a lot for your comment! I guess 2020 is for your grand daughters a very exciting year as well! Are they still at school? Here schools have been closed until now and the kids are slowly getting back into it – but still not really.

      1. Some states are having students return to the classroom soon…my state is still having online learning for students who can stay home…essential worker’s children have been able to attend.

  2. Hi Monja,

    I’m from South East Queensland, Australia. We’ve been pretty fortunate in Queensland with Covid-19. Yes we’ve had some deaths but compared to the rest of the world…currently only 12 active cases with total infections at 1039 and deaths 6.

    We self-isolated ourselves to a degree a few months ago as my Mum (87) who suffers from Alzheimer’s is in a nursing home and Dad (91) lives in a cottage in the same complex as Mum and has a heart conditions. Our son and daughter-in-law have a 3 1/2 year old and a baby who is 7 weeks. Our son was able to work from home before the birth and our daughter-in-law was able to finish her nursing assignments on-line. Fortunately because our son works in a government job he now has paid parental leave till August. My husband and I were to be on an 11 week cruise which circled the Pacific but naturally that has been cancelled.

    In the past we have extensively travelled Australia and love bush camping. Next year we are hoping to be able to travel across the top to Western Australia.

    I have always had an interest in photography as my Dad was an amateur photographer and we would develop our own photos.

    My Dad came to Australia from Germany in 1951 to work on the Snowy Mountain Hydro Electric Scheme and I have family in Hannover and Hamburg. We were hoping to visit our family in Germany and friends in Belgium next year however will now have to wait and see how the world manages this virus.

    Lovely to follow your blog.

    1. Hi Keryn,
      Thanks so much for your comment! Always nice to hear from the background of the people around here and meet you! I’m from Germany so very interesting about your dad! And, I believe, good choice to go to Australia 🙂 I’m near Dortmund, maybe you like to come in for a coffee! Would be lovely!

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