This tutorial is still part of our Creative World Tour to Australia as we continue to explore its foods, drinks, animals, and nature.

Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia, If a trip through the outback is outside your budget or time frame, we would suggest that a fine way to get up close and personal with these adorable creatures is by painting them.


You do not need fancy materials for your Kangaroo in Watercolour.

Here is what I've used.

How to Paint a Kangaroo in Watercolour

I guide you step by step how to paint a Kangaroo in Watercolour. It's so easy even if you are not good in painting or drawing. Just click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.

  • 2:07 Tape the Watercolour paper
  • 2:54 Paint the Background
  • 3:11 Transfer the Kangaroo from the Printable to the Watercolour Paper
  • 5:41 Colour the Kangaroo
  • 8:53 Outline the Kangaroo
  • 12:24 We're Done!

Tape the Watercolour paper

Use your washi tape to secure your watercolour paper to your drawing table so it will not move while you paint on it.

Paint the Background

Mix some blue with water, then paint the top of the paper using your wide paint brush. Next, paint the bottom part with green. Paint with a single color at a time, add more layers until you reach your desired tone.

Let it dry.

Transfer the Kangaroo from the Printable to the Watercolour Paper

Once your background is dry, get your graphite paper, also known as transfer paper, and put it over your watercolour paper.

After that, position your printable over the graphite paper and trace the Kangaroo using your pencil. You have to tape the other side of the printable so it will not move as you work on it.

Colour the Kangaroo

Mix some beige with water and colour the whole kangaroo.

Next, mix some lighter shade of brown with water and continue adding layers of colour to the Kangaroo.

Lastly, mix a darker shade of brown with water and brush some more layers into your Kangaroo.

Outline the Kangaroo

Once the watercolour is completely dry, you can now outline the cute Kangaroo using any pen you have. It will give more depth if you outline it.

Add Some More Layers of Dark Brown

I add some more dark brown, especially on the tail. To make it look more natural, I use a shade that will not make a big contrast to the first layers.

We're Done!

Painting a Kangaroo is so easy, isn't it? The graphite paper is a great help if you are not good in drawing. Your kids will surely enjoy this adorable Kangaroo. Just give them the materials and let them hop with this tutorial. 

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