Create the Lemonade and Ice Cream Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Here at Digidesignresort, we are on a mission to help you preserve your memories for future generations. This Lemonade and Ice Cream Digital Scrapbooking Layout is perfect for your endless projects.

When you scrap, you create beautiful scrapbooks that you can show off to your family and friends. You can upload them on your social media, of course, as well or have them printed and added to a photo book. 

Tutorial: Lemonade and Ice Cream Digital Scrapbooking Layout

In this tutorial, we are using a great vector program called Affinity Designer. You can download it from

Exercise your creativity as you display your memories in this cute scrapbook.


Here is the software, paper and digital scrapbooking kit as well as the printer I use to print out my digital scrapbooking layouts.

In the Sunset Scrapper Club you also find the ready-made Quick Page from the Tutorial (directly inside the Digital Scrapbooking Kit with further Quick Pages, Elements and Papers!) Join us here

How to Create the Lemonade and Ice Cream Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Creating a digital scrapbooking layout is very easy with Affinity designer.

Here is an overview of what you'll learn in the video. Just click on the links and you automatically go to that minute in the video.

  • 2:08 Create a New Document
  • 2:32 Add the Background Papers
  • 3:45 Add the Boarder
  • 5:24 Add the other Digital Elements
  • 9:06 Create the Picture Frame
  • 9;42 Make the Frame Transparent
  • 10:48 Save the Layout

Create a New Document

First, let's create a new document.

Click File >  New, select 12 in x 12 in and Transparent Background, then click OK.

The standard size for digital scrapbooking is 12 in x 12 in but, if you print it yourself you can also choose Letter Size or check out the review of my printer I can print 12x12 myself in a fantastic quality!

Add the Background Papers

Click View > Studio > Assets. Now you can open your digital scrapbooking kit that you have imported into your Assets. Just drag and drop your first layer into the document. You can be creative in adding your background paper.  But if you have never done this before or just want to have an idea how to to it, you can follow along with me.

We have a separate tutorial on how to add digital scrapbooking kits to Affinity Designer that you may want to check.

Go ahead, drag and drop the second paper. Position it nicely.

Add the Boarder

Select the right element to use as your boarder. Drag and drop it into the paper, and then resize it. Let's give the boarder a shadow. For that, click on the "fx" at the bottom right, click Outer Shadow, and play with the settings of your shadow until it looks more realistic.

Add the other Digital Elements

One by one, add the other digital elements. You can use other elements more than once. Arrange, rotate, and resize them nicely - that's the beauty of digital scrapbooking.

Create the Picture Frame

Drag a frame from the kit, and drop it into the paper. Resize it to the size you want for your picture.

Make the Frame Transparent

We will have a transparent frame here that's why we set up our document with transparent background when we created it.

To do this, switch to Pixel mode in the top left corner, grab the Selection tool, then create a frame, just follow the size of the frame element. Switch back to the designer mode (again, top left corner).

Next, select the layer, click Rasterize so you can get rid of that area.

Do it again with the other layer of paper. Just click that layer and rasterize it just like you did with the first one.

There, you have a transparent background.

Save the Layout

Now, you have a beautiful layout. The next thing you do is to save it as an Affinity Designer file so you can access it anytime you want to and even edit the layers..

Click File > Save, name it, and save. Don't forget to export it as a PNG file also so you can easily place your picture behind it and start printing.

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