Maybe you read last year suggestions for the best scrapbooking printers. I have such a post on the site for 20192018 and even 2016. And hey, they are still valid and a lot of these printers are still a great choice!

However, a week or so ago I discovered a must-have printer. Lately I figured that I want to serve you, as my friends, fans and followers better and show you what great things you can do with our graphic sets beside digital scrapbooking. I mean to scrapbook layouts is great, having beautiful photo books is wonderful - but there are so many other things you can do with your digital scrapbooking kits. Let alone the papers give you unlimited possibilities. So after some research on YouTube I discovered what fantastic paper crafts you can do and so I was hooked. 

You might think that I've been living on the moon and yeah... I guess you are right because this paper crafting totally crossed my mind. I never thought that you could do all that stuff with digital scrapbooking sets - I mean I thought of mugs, pillows and T-shirts but never of paper flowers, door hangers and so much more.

Anyway, we all can learn from our mistakes and that's why I thought that we all need to keep ourselves busy right now in Corona Crisis so why not do some paper crafts? Sure you can do them alone but it's also a perfect and cheap way to keep your kids busy. 

New Scrapbooking Printer: Epson ET-7750

My printer is pretty old (still ok but old) so I did a lot of research to find a new one and I believe that for my needs the Epson ET-7750* is perfect. It is a 12x12 printer but you can also get it as a smaller version, the Epson ET-7700* - they are alike beside the size. 

It took me an hour or so to set it up. Beside removing all the transport material (and there was a lot!) it also took me a bit to figure out the instruction. But then there was one online and that one is really great and in no time I got it set up. That printer can scan, copy, print up to A3 sized papers as well as DVDs (not sure we need them anymore that much but OK). 

I never expected that I would invest in such a high quality printer. I got along for years with a 100 something Euros printer and never had any hassle. But that thing - well, it is a different quality - I mean - it must. So it's perfect for printing printable, papers, planner supplies and photos. 

And, if you are worried about ink - give me a second. That printer comes with eco tank inks which means that you fill them yourself with some bottles (two sets of 5 bottles, 2 in each color, are already included). This makes the ink for this printer extremely cheap. So if you like printing quite a bit, that printer is yours. Beside paper crafts you can use it to print out any kind of digital pictures which would just sit on your mobile otherwise because it also has a perfect photo print included.

So you see, even after a few prints I'm already a raving fan of this printer. It's by no means cheap but - it's worth it. Usually ink costs you a fortune here it is much cheaper than you expect.

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