Simple Card Making Tutorial for Kids

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Right now, it's a scary time. Everything is different. Schools are closed, many stores as well, I can't go swimming or into the Maritimo (which is a place I totally love!). There you can go swimming and into the Sauna. Anyway, I know it's not important. And right now it definitely isn't. What is important is that we stay at home, are save and take care of our loved ones. However, if you are anything like me you are missing your friends and you need to keep yourself and your kids busy. Yes, we are thankful for being alive and save but hey, we also need a bit of a creative outlet.

That's why I've created a Card Making Tutorial for you with our Digital Scrapbooking Kit "Sunshine ahead!". I totally love the elements and papers from this kit because it has a lovely hand-drawn style. Beside that I wanted to try our my new printer I told you about. And you see the quality, it's amazing! What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Here a close-up:

Tutorial: Simple Card Making for Kids

In this tutorial I show you exactly how I created this simple card. Of course it's not just for kids but also for its parents.


You do not need a lot of material for this simple card.
Here is what I've used:

How to create this Greeting Card

1:38 Fold the Paper in the middle

1:57 Cut out the elements

2:10 Leave a white stroke around the scrapbooking stickers

2:57 Put the trunk behind the bear

3:07 Add glue on the trunk

3:25 Add the 3D Foam Mount on the Flip Side of the Bear

3:58 Add more Elements

5:41 We are done!

Fold the Paper in the Middle

I've printed the paper in A4, borderless, and fold it in the middle. If you want your card to be another size, at least slightly different, it's no problem. If you cut too much the elements which are included in the set will be too big.

Cut out the Elements

In the next step we can cut out the elements from the first paper. 

Add a White Stroke

Because e.g. the grass gets really hard to cut out properly it's a good idea to put a frame around the elements. This way it looks like a scrapbooking sticker and it is much easier to handle!

Put the Trunk behind the Bear

I want to have the trunk in the background of the card. That's why I need to cut it out before I add the bear as a 3D Sticker to my card.

Add Glue on the Trunk Sticker

Once I have cut the trunk sticker I use a paper to add the glue. This way my sticker stays clean and I can easily add glue into all corners.

Add the 3D Foam Mount on the Flip Side of the Bear

Once you put the trunk on the card grab the bear and add the 3D foam mount on the flip side of the bear sticker. 
Place the bear in front of the trunk.

Add more Elements

Go on! Cut out the other elements, the word art and maybe the tag and add them to your card. You can do it like me or completely different, that's up to you.

Decide on which elements you want to add the 3D foam mount. Don't add it to all elements.

We are done!

That's it! You've created your 3D Card. You can of course print the same card numerous times and give it to different people and the best thing is: You can design it a bit different any time you create it!

Just to give you an idea: Print the elements out twice and just add a few more bees to the scene or just the trunk and grass. Or maybe you only focus on the bear - it's totally up to you!

Hidden Gem

Here is a little Add On for your Greeting Card - I put it already in the right size so just download it and print it out. Basically, you can create a whole new card from this.
Go to the Store and get it!

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