Do you enjoy afternoons or evening when you get together with your family and friends, have dinner, reminisce about long ago and tell each other stories you can laugh about again and again?

Then this Mini-Album might become your best friend!

Reminisce about Past Times

This Mini-Album is easy to store because it doesn't take up much space. And you can quickly get it when you want to encourage your friends enjoying memories together. Beside that it's fun to use because you can swipe easily from one layer to the other.

It is created with 12 by 12 inch Scrapbooking Paper and, another version, with A4 paper so you can create it  with paper from your home printer. It gives you space for 24 pictures - pictures from your last vacation, a family trip or a birthday you could spend with your loved ones.

The best thing is that I've created this for you as an Online Course. I show you in step by step videos how to create this beautiful Scrapbook Mini Album.

I've created two versions of this lovely Scrapbook Album - one with Scrapbooking Paper Set and one with Digital Scrapbooking Paper from the Scrapbooking Kit "A fresh Start".

Two sites are connected with a magnet and you can turn it around to have another six pictures to enjoy. And later you put it together to store it in your cupboard - really space saving!

When it's folded it has about 7x7 cm or 8x8 cm - depending how big you made it!

Have a look from the top:

Each row has six different pictures and you can turn it around to look at more 🙂 It's a really fancy way to showcase your pictures - and a space saving to store them!

Digital Scrapbooking Kits used for this Projects

Because of You

For the Scrapbook Mini-Album created from 12x12 inch Scrapbook Paper I've used Digital Scrapbooking Layouts from the Kit "Because of You".

Print the Layouts on self-adhesive label paper and use those for your Album.

Have a look at this Digital Scrapbooking Kit, created with lots of love in mind!

A Fresh Start

For the second Mini-Album, I've used the Digital Scrapbooking Kit "A Fresh Start" and printed its papers on my printer at home.

Have a look at all its beautiful elements, papers and layouts.

Free Online Course

You can get the Online Course for this Scrapbooking Mini-Album for free. If you subscribe to our newsletter you'll get a coupon (value $17) for the course and enjoy free lifetime access!

Have a look at the course here:

Once you subscribe to the newsletter and confirm the subscription you'll get an email with the coupon code.  

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