Why taking pictures is essential to me

Last year I decided that there is not much better than taking pictures from your every day life. I got used to taking a picture every day, at least one. Then I used the Polaroid Mobile Printer and my Life Planner (from Erin Condren) to add them – this makes a scrapbook of my life. I have pictures for every day, I just put them in the planner and then one in the monthly overview and finally I can remember what’s going on in my days. Even those days where I go to the office and spend the whole day there are no longer lost.

If you wanna see another video update about how I add pictures to my planner, please go to our YouTube Channel for SimpleLifeStories here.

That’s how it looks, pictures added to my Erin Condren Life Planner.


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  1. I occasionally go through all my pictures on my phone and delete the fuzzy ones. I transfer them to my computer via dropbox, save what I want for the year’s scrapbook, and at the end of the year all photos are archived to an external hard drive.

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