Me again – for you, another Update

Just wanted to give you a quick update what happened after the first update – wow, it was amazing! But just have a look 🙂

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  1. Hi Monja,
    First of all, you’re welcome! I love your updates and love putting your face & voice together with this site! Tell your designers too that I appreciate them – their designs fit my style so well.

    One administrative problem for me – I hate to bring it up there, but I have emailed and for some reason some of the emails come back, and I have not heard back from you so I don’t think you have gotten my message. For my last two orders, I am missing the download buttons. The first order is recent and I can’t download Carena’s “My Beach” collection. The second order says 2011, and I can’t download the last part of that order either. Thanks for your help!

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