A Summer spent in the garden is always a good thing. What can be better than relaxing under the sun surrounded by beautiful flowers, lush trees and the sound of birds? This will take your worries and stress away. You can just forget about the demands of work and focus on recharging and rejuvenating yourself.

Summer is often the time of several memories and it is one of the best times to take pictures. If you have accumulated quite a lot of pictures from the summer which has just passed, you might want to get a little more creative and artistic by creating your very own summer scrapbook. There are plenty of summer activities to enjoy and take part in.

Taking Summer Pictures

National Parks

The exploration of national parks is one favorite activity of people during summertime. The weather is good and it allows people to rediscover the beauty of Mother Nature. National parks can give you spectacular views and to be able to capture these views, you need a wide angle lens.  Make sure that you incorporate the natural scenery into the pictures. This is especially applicable places with famous landscapes.

Get closer to the flowers

Do not be afraid to get intimate with the various floral beauties in the garden.  One of the most common mistakes which people make is not getting close enough to their subjects. Move your body closer to the subject. If you would like to get closer to your subject, you should consider purchasing additional camera equipment. A good rule to remember is that filling your frame with just parts of the flower will give the viewer an intimate feeling.

Embrace the rain

Summer may be the time of warmth and endless days with sun but there are days when rain comes. Do not be afraid. Cling water drops on flowers make very fascinating images. The dew on blossoms adds mystery to your pictures. Just make sure that you protect the camera from moisture or you will end up having to replace very expensive equipment.

9ae0f4d6a661a7be2256746b5eeb57a6.image.400x400Watch your background

How you position your body relative to your subject will determine the background.  One good rule of thumb to remember is if you want something to stand out, you must use the contrast behind it.

Enjoying the beach

The beach remains a favorite destination during summer. Thousands of folks head to the water to cool themselves and enjoy.  The beach is all about fun so make sure that you capture the enjoyment of people while they frolic and run on the sand, build castles and have endless hours laughing and catching up with each other.  Always use a clear UV filter to protect your lens.

What ever you do, make sure that you preserve your memories after this! Digital Scrapbooking is a perfect way to create beautiful layouts decorated with various elements which underline the beauty of your pictures.

The Summer in the Garden Megakit is made by Digidesignresort.  It comes with 97 digital scrapbooking elements; 40 scrapbooking papers, 1 scrapbooking cluster, and 9 scrapbooking Word Arts. The kit can be used for several other activities such as bookmarks, mouse pads, photo books and place cards, among others.

Here are some layouts for your inspiration by our Beachbabes


After-Summer In-My-Summer-Garden

the_cutest summer_garden


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