Enchanted Summer Digital Scrapbooking Kit

This enchanted summer nights design is created by Digidesignresort and it has 77 scrapbooking elements; 31 digital scrapbooking papers of sizes 12 x 12; 2 digital scrapbooking Word Art of sizes 12 x 12; 1 digital scrapbooking Alpha of size 12 x 12.

Despite the name, these graphics are not restricted to summer. You could use them for spring, summer, birthdays, family, and indeed any other type of scrapbooking layouts that may take your fancy.

Now this graphic can be used for scrapbooking. You can also use it for designing a t-shirt or designing a bag and also for creating place cards. Heck, you can probably design an entire sleuth of bags and place cards and sell them for some pretty dollars.


Given the several colours of this particular layout, there are a few tips you should bear in mind if you decide to use it:

  1. The layout is seriously multi-coloured so if you are taking pictures for this particular layout, you should probably make certain that your subjects are not clothed in multi-coloured clothes because the clash will be just horrible.
  2. Again, you should watch the background of wherever you are posing your subjects. By this I mean you should definitely not use pictures taken in a carnival with this layout because they it will be jarringly clashing.
  3. Try pasting individual pictures and not group pictures because they will stand out better rather than where they are several people looking out from amidst a cluster of flowers.
  4. Take pictures of natural scenes like a park or a forest or even a cluster of birds and paste them strategically in the pages of your scrapbook with the Enchanted Summer Nights layout.Digital Scrapbooking Kit


In all, if you decide to get this digital scrapbooking kit, it comes at a relatively low price and you can get it as soon as you order because it is delivered digitally rather than via physical shipping. This kit is extremely colourful and because of that, you can be as creative as you want to be without going over the top.

Of course there are also several licences that can be purchased relative to this graphic and this can be used to design your own website if you want, or whatever else the licence permits.

So if you are looking to create your own scrapbooking kit complete with bright natural tones, then you should definitely consider this kit.

Here are some layouts for your inspiration for the Enchanted Summer Nights Digital Scrapbooking Kit:

Digital Scrapbooking KitScrapbooking layoutscrapbooking kit Enchanted Summer






And here the freebie from Enchanted Summer Nights for you:


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