We spend a lot of time talking about how our love for Scrapbooking and Papercraft and how enjoyable it is as a creative outlet. But what about how it affects our “pockets”?

There is no need for some researches to confirm (notwithstanding that there are actually a lot of studies that support it) how having a hobby helps improve self-esteem, boosts energy and relieves stress. Other than those, another reason why you should focus on your Scrapbooking or Papercraft is how lucrative this pastime can become once you treat it as a serious business or livelihood.

Papercraft and Scrapbooking

As in any start-up business, the preparatory steps that you must do are crucial. We’re not going to give you specific course of action to take but we’d like to emphasize the necessity of knowing the ropes of running a papercraft or scrapbook trade from the right sources. One expert in the field is Philippa Carron, PhD or Pippa, a well-known business entrepreneur who specializes in writing ebooks on small businesses. Pippa’s “Papercraft and Scrapbooking Business Compendium” serves as a complete reference for those of you who would like to turn scrapbooking from a hobby into a small enterprise.

The book offers a wide-ranging view of both the craft as a creative venue as well as the business aspect of papercraft or scrapbook. Some highlighted information that you can learn from this compendium include:

  • different ways of making money from papercraft and scrapbook
  • market research findings on possible niches that you can adopt
  • making business plans
  • handling competitions
  • business mistakes that you should avoid
  • dealing with customers’ demands
  • marketing and promoting your products
  • how much should you charge your clients
  • make your product sell on the internet
  • and so much more

http://1c09a7tkindr2zd26dvfo07t6u.hop.clickbank.net/And while it looks already complete, we were also surprised to learn about the 7 extra special bonus offers that comes for free with the purchase of the ebook. Here they are:

  1. Passion to Profit HQ—Business Start-Up Manual
  2. Easy Business Plan for Start-Up Businesses
  3. One Hundred and One Scrapbooking Tips
  4. Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy
  5. Home Business Success Secrets
  6. Internet Marketing Essentials for Newbies
  7. Blogging with WordPress — A Guide for Beginners

For just $37.00, you get basically all the information, guide and advice that you need to start and manage a lucrative business that you enjoy doing. There’s a 100% money-back guarantee to assure you of no questions asked refund within 60 days from the date of purchase.

We’re just as excited as you are with this new found discovery. It’s like finding financial and personal productivity in leisure! But remember, a successful business is a result of making sound investments. Just make sure that you are investing in a craft that you really enjoy to help you reach your maximum potential.

Get the Papercraft and Scrapbooking for Business Compendium here

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