digital scrapbookingThere are several reasons why digital scrapbooking is better than paper scrapbooking – actually digital scrapbooking is paper scrapbooking without the mess!

  • digital scrapbooking is much cheaper
  • you do not need any storage or scrapbooking room – just on your computer
  • the undo button in your image editing program – no ruined paper or elements, you can undo each action
  • all items can be re-used, modified or re-colored
  • you can re-use, crop, recolor, and tint your photos
  • you can send your friends and family members a copy of your digital scrapbook page and it won’t cost you any buck
  • you can store your scrapbooks on CDs – if something happens you can easily re-print them
  • less time consuming: you can create digital scrapbooking pages with pre made items such as quick pages, clusters, or stacked papers
  • after finishing several layouts you can add them to a photo book and let it print, create a calendar or other items
  • digital scrapbooking has different styles such as paper scrapbooking
  • you can also crop printed digital images to create paper scrapbooks
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